SDCC 2016 News Round Up: Thursday (Valerian, Netflix Defenders, and more)

Hey there, friends! SDCC is here, ready to get you pumped for the pop culture onslaught that is coming your way for the next year and more. Though none of the DG team is at the con in person, there is tons of overall news to cover. So to keep things organized and to the point, DG will be posting the best news stories for each day of Comic Con, giving you the highlights so you don’t have to muddle through article after article. So without further ado, let’s check out Thursday’s offerings for SDCC 2016!

Luc Besson’s Valerian 


If there ever was a movie panel I would have done pretty much anything to attend, it would have been the one for Luc Besson’s (The Fifth Element) latest project: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It’s a new Sci-Fi movie based on the beloved French comic series Valérian and Laureline. Starring Dan DeHaan and Suicide Squad’s Cara Delevingne as the dynamic duo referenced in the comic title, the film tells the story of a time traveler (DeHaan) and his partner (Delevingne) who is sent on a mission to check on a galactic empire, and save the world – you know, the usual stuff.

But what is far from the typical Hollywood films compared to Besson’s latest endeavor is the ambition and creativity that was shown from the small snippets shown at SDCC. Apparently this footage was so popular that the audience gave a 1 minute long standing ovation. Could this be the next big hit for Besson – one that brings him back to what he’s good at and away from the by-the-books Taken franchise? Only time will tell, but according to this and many other reportsValerian looks to be the project that could get him back on track.

Netflix Marvel Defenders Sizzle Reel

Netflix released a sizzle reel featuring their collection of Marvel series, including sneak peaks into Luke Cage and a taste of the soon to come Punisher series. Along with this montage, Luke Cage teaser and first look at Iron FistI believe Netflix might have just slipped over into a new territory, where – I dare say – I’m digging where this is going more than the MCU. No, I’m not saying that one side is bad versus another, but there’s something about the image of Luke walking down a hallway with a car door as his shield that gets to me just a bit more than a similar iconic visual from a Captain America movie. Granted, none of these heroes are a favorite of mine (that distinction belongs to my fan-girl prince Black Panther), but the Hells Kitchen Defenders crew is definitely making my heart race more than any other heroes I’ve seen in the past few years. And if that Cage hallway scene is any indication of the epicness to come, I’m sure we’re in for a treat with these new Netflix offerings.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, Defenders has been confirmed for 2017. You’re welcome, and now, gird your loins!

Mondo releases Cool Exclusives For 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.44.47 AM

I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but if you are at all a collector of cool things, then you probably are in the know about Mondo. They’re a company known for creating incredibly beautiful prints of famous pop culture things, specifically movie posters and, more recently, art featured on BluRay covers and Pint glasses at Alamo Drafthouse theaters. So it comes to no surprise that the company is offering a bunch of SDCC exclusives, including a Rocketeer poster that I would sell a number of odd things to get my hands on. But until I get to go to SDCC myself, I suppose a trip to rip-off heaven (Ebay) will have to do.  Make sure to check out the Mondo collection at Booth 835 on the show floor.

Up Close Look at WB DC Movie Costumes

Photo from Collider

As per the usual with SDCC, there’s a lot of fantastic things to see on the show floor. But probably the booth with the most buzz, as usual, is from Warner Bros. DC Comics division, and this year includes some interesting reveals. Of course, there’s Suicide Squad, which is just a showcase of the costumes that most have seen for the past year and change. But the big spectacle comes from Wonder Woman costumes, which finally show off the (*prepare yourself*) colorful aspects of the iconic character’s uniform. The other Amazon warriors have a fantastic regal touch to them, and prove that Oscar winning Costume Designer Lindy Hemming is a pro at bringing to life these beautiful warriors, something she  did to great effect in the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan. All these, plus the statue of Steve and Diana that was recently revealed on the show floor as well, has definitely peaked my interest in the project.

So these are just a few of the news bits coming from the convention. What are you the most pumped for? Wanting to see more of the Netflix shows? What about some love for Luc Besson? Or is Wonder Woman on your brain? Comment below and tell us your SDCC excitement highlights, and look out for another news round tomorrow and the rest of the week. 


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