Pokémon GO from Different Perspectives

On July 6th, Pokémon fans everywhere grabbed their cellphones and raced to the app store to download Pokémon GO. One step outside and it was clear that everyone was out to catch Pokémon. The word spread like wildfire, and the Daily Geekette sparked a great idea. We wanted to share our experiences of our Pokémon GO journeys with each other and with our readers. Without further delay, here are the different perspectives of the Pokémon trainers at the Daily Geekette. Ready, set, go!



As soon as Pokémon GO was released in the U.S, I along with thousands of other fans rushed to download the game – only to discover our greatest challenge in the form of busy servers, glitches galore, and poor tutorials rather than the gyms themselves. But such was to be expected with a project as big as this. Technical issues aside, it’s been a blast trying to catch my very own dream team (i.e Eevee. Eevee everywhere). While easier said than done, the implementation of the Pokédex and Pokéstops also gives players additional tasks to do while waiting for more ‘mons to spawn. It’s become a routine of mine to walk around a nearby park so as to collect items from the many memorial benches scattered throughout the area. Speaking of, the game has encouraged me to walk in the mornings and afternoons in the hopes of snagging a new find. What can I say? Nothing beats the thrill of picking up an egg and/or spotting a new silhouette on your radar.
But while Pokémon GO is certainly immersive, does it qualify as a good Pokémon game? For my answer, I look to someone who has absolutely nothing to do with this fandom:



The day I downloaded Pokémon GO I got everything set up as soon as I could. Made my avatar pink on pink on pink. I caught my Charmander because it’s obvs the cutest and then I discovered what I worst feared. One can only find so many Pokémon in ones own home. Well not having any gas in my car stopped me from taking a late night drive but I forced my dad to go out walking at 10:00 PM to go catch Pokémon. I ran into one, a Weedle, and did not catch it. When I got home I put on the incense device and caught a Weedle, only to have the servers crash and end my first night as a proper Pokémon trainer. The next day started off almost as disappointing. Waking up and seeing there were Pokémon near and then not being able to get them is very frustrating. Luckily, I made plans to go driving around to catch some Pokémon with my fellow DG writer Amanda. Unluckily, we struggled to get on the app and when we finally did we got to a Pokéstop but had no idea how to use it. A week later, I can honestly say I’m much better at using the game and I understand it much better. I still struggle to play on days that I don’t leave the house and I end up relying on friends and family to take me places with them so that I can play. What I really do enjoy about this game, other than the childhood nostalgia, is the way it seems to be congregating people and making a community of Pokémon trainers. It’s getting people out of their homes, getting them active and opening the door to new people and places. I can’t wait to see how the game develops from here. Fingers crossed that we get to add friends eventually.#TeamMystic



I haven’t played Pokémon since the second generation. I never got a new Gameboy. So I’m really glad Pokémon GO has the original 150 starters. I’ve been playing for almost a week and haven’t noticed nearly as many glitches and freezes. Thankfully when I have to quit to restart it usually lets me back in. I haven’t walked any more than usual because I already do make an effort to get 10k steps in thanks to Fitbit. If I could count those steps to my egg distances I’d be so happy. That’s the thing I dislike the most: the app having to be running to have anything counted. I suppose it’s a way of getting people to buy their Plus wristband but I’m not willing to spend the money. The gym setup is making me more stressed than I thought I’d be, which is surprising. Guess I’m more invested in this game than I thought.



I started my Pokémon GO adventure anxiously. I had so many things to worry about, like: how my battery was going to last while playing, would I have to pay extra for going over my data, etc. My heart told me it was worth all the risks and “what ifs.” Once I actually began to play Pokémon GO, I was catching pokémon left and right! I didn’t mind if there were multiples because I wanted to catch them all. Plus, I knew that was how you gained certain candies to evolve or power up your pokémon. However, one downside to beginning this app was the lack of tutorial. I knew how to run into Pokémon and throw pokéballs, but anything other than that? I was lost. I’m an avid gamer and pokémon player, so I was frustrated when I couldn’t grasp Pokéstops and the Pokémon Gyms (now a team mystic member). Eventually with the help of fellow DG member Deanna, I was able to understand how Pokéstops work (which was great because I wanted a pokémon egg desperately). In addition, I was extremely happy to find out you can gain Pokéballs this way, since I did in fact spend “real people money” to get more pokéballs to catch a Clefairy. As my journey continued I was keeping an eye on my battery and my data. I was able to go into settings and actually turn the battery saver on, which did make a difference for me. I secretly hoped there would be a data saver button as well, but I knew there wouldn’t be one. I have a family plan and my older brother also plays Pokémon GO, so I know I need to be careful how much I play while on wifi and while on LTE. I did use an extra 2 GB of data while playing Pokémon GO, but in my opinion it’s worth it. But my mom might beg to differ on that one. My biggest accomplishment while playing Pokémon GO was evolving my Eevee into my favorite pokémon and Eeveelution…a Vaporeon! I would love to capture the rest of the Eeveelutions and become one of the five Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City, first seen in the second generation of Pokémon. Overall, I enjoy this app and look forward to the update that allows the players to trade and battle, which will encourage more collaboration between people. I never thought catching pokémon would be a reality and I love hearing my mom ask me if I’m, “going out to catch them all” before I leave the house.


Let us know how your Pokémon GO journey has been down in the comments below!

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