Top 5 Pokémon That Need To Be in Sun and Moon

Alola Trainers
The New Avatars
Alola Starters
The starters from left to right: Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio.

Although I was not particularly fond of Pokémon Black and White nor X and Y, Nintendo’s reveal of Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio as well as the gorgeous Alola region – inspired by Hawaii – have reinvigorated my love for the world of Pocket Monsters.

With several Pokémon Sun and Moon tidbits having been released in the past month, speculation among fans is well under way. Staples such as the three starters and common bird, bug, and rodent are already guaranteed – but what of the rest of the game’s ensemble? For this article, I’ll be sharing my top picks for which Pokémon should both return and be realized in the newest addition to the franchise.

Alomomola & Bruxish.PNG
From left to right: Alomomola and Bruxish.

1) Thematically, there are countless grass, fire, and water types that could fit the bill of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Alomomola – the Caring Pokémon introduced in Black and White – would be right at home with the new Water/Psychic Bruxish based off of the Reef Triggerfish. The always smiling Bellossom, Exeggutor, and Ludicolo definitely have a “hula dancer” vibe to them that would befit the Alola region. And last but not least, Camerupt and Magcargo as well as the Meteorite Pokémon Solrock and Lunatone are the more obvious choices I’d like to see in the game.

In terms of searching for said Pokémon, I hope the more personal approach to Surfing in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire continues to be a mechanic in Sun and Moon.

Mega Kingdra & Tropius.PNG
From left to right: Fan interpretations of Mega Kingdra and Mega Tropius.

2) While many a fan was disappointed by the lack of Mega Flygon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I’m not sure how developers would be able to add the desert dragon to the Alola region. Mega Kingdra and Mega Tropius, on the other hand, would not only be appropriate to the setting, but offer interesting gameplay if the former were given more speed and the latter, a Dragon/Grass typing. Can’t you just imagine a more majestic Kingdra and a Tropius growing pineapples instead of bananas?

Dragon Eeveelution.jpg
A fan interpretation of a Dragon Eeveelution.
Fighting & Ground
Fan interpretations of a Fighting/Ground Eeveelution.

3) Hoenn is undoubtedly my favorite of the regions in terms of its overall ensemble. However, the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games could have been even better if they’d incorporated a new Eeveelution or two. Oh, yes. This writer is a sucker for the Evolution Pokémon and its many brethren. In terms of practicality, it would be interesting to see either a Dragon, Fighting, or Ground type evolution if not all three. Seeing as the latest Eeveelution was Sylveon, it’d be fitting to have a Dragon counterpart in Sun and Moon – perhaps an homage to the shapeshifting Mo’o of Hawaiian folklore. The battling style of a Fighting Eeveelution could be based off of practitioners of Kapu Kuialua while a Ground type could represent the harmony between fire and water in creating new islands.

Volcanion & Azumarill.PNG
From left to right: Volcanion and Azumarill.

4) As of now, the only Water/Fire and Water/Fairy types to exist in the Pokémon world are Volcanion and Azumarill. I believe we should rectify this.

Both combinations hold a lot of potential, and I hope the final evolution of Popplio ends up being a Water/Fairy type itself. Such would confirm my theory that this generation’s trio will end up being the “opposite” of that of the Kalos region (i.e Rowlett is already confirmed to be a Grass/Flying type while Litten will hopefully be a Fire/Dark type).

The many wing patterns of Vivillon

5) With over 700 creations under their belt, Nintendo’s struggle for original concepts and designs is understandable. However, we have yet to receive a distinct dolphin (Lanturn doesn’t count in my book!) or peacock pokémon. It would also be interesting to have another pokémon akin to Vivillon in which either in-game or real life location may affect its physical appearance. Though gimmicky, said mechanic really makes the ‘mons seem like living creatures rather than simple code.

Then again, we have Pokémon Go for that now.

What kind of Pokémon would you like to see in Sun and Moon? Leave a comment in the section below.

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