Which Game of Thrones Houses are Even Still Left in the Game? (Spoilers Ahead)

After two weeks to process the season 6 finale, now the questions and discussion points start to arise. My question: after the major deaths that occurred in the final episode, who is even left? Of all the great Houses we were introduced during the series, which still have living scions or at least prospects of producing more? Let’s take a look at them one by one:

StarkHouse Stark: With Jon Snow and Sansa back in Winterfell, Bran just outside the Wall, and Arya at Riverrun, the Starks are doing better for the first time since the Red Wedding back in Season Three. They were the first major House to be slaughtered (depending if you count the Targaryens), but are making a comeback. Counting Jon Snow among the original six Stark children, four are still alive and are close to being reunited.

LannisterHouse Lannister: The prophecy has come to pass and all of Cersei’s children are dead. Even cousin Lancel and Uncle Kevan (I think; I don’t remember seeing his face but I believe he would have been in the room. Correct me if I am wrong) died in the explosion. Cersei and her siblings are still kicking, though there is no way Cersei survives the next two seasons. I can’t see Tyrion having any children but Jaime could theoretically carry on his family line.

baratheonBaratheon: With the death of King Tommen, House Baratheon is officially wiped out. With the exception of Gendry of course, but who knows if we will ever return to his story line. He seems pretty irrelevant now. I can’t see anyone rallying around his claim on the throne since he is just the bastard of a usurper.

tyrellHouse Tyrell: Literally the only person left is Lady Olenna, Margaery’s grandmother AKA the Queen of Thorns. I picked her as my new favorite character after Robb Stark died. Her chances of getting killed off were slim, and that even if she was, she lived a good, long life anyway. And she is the sassiest grandma in the show. Little did I know she would live to see her family decimated beyond repair. House Tyrell took the biggest hit in this last episode as Margaery, Loras, and their father all died in the wildfire plot by Cersei. And they were so close to getting out, too. Margaery’s astute mind predicted the danger just a little too late.

MartellHouse Martell: Ever since Ellaria killed Prince Doran and Trystane, the Martells have been gone. As Ellaria was never officially married to Oberyn (at least in the books), her last name is Sand, not Martell. The Sand Snakes do not carry the name Martell either. Although they do not represent a Great House, the women running Dorne are still on the board as a force to be reckoned with, especially now that they have joined forces with Daenerys.

FreyHouse Frey: Thanks to Arya, the Freys are done. In one delicious scene, we see Arya take revenge on the men who destroyed her family. She slits Lord Frey’s throat shortly after making toast of his two sons (or pie, to be more accurate).




TargaryenHouse Targaryen: Daenerys is finally on the march towards Westeros with a fleet behind her. Since the day Viserys got “crowned” by the Dothraki, she’s been the last of the Dragonlords. But with the new information implied by Jon’s parentage, it seems there may be more Targaryens in play.

GreyjoyHouse Greyjoy: Yara and Theon are alive and well, allied to the Queen of Dragons. Euron is still out there too, heading across the seas to make his own alliance with Daenerys. I predict a naval battle coming on.


ArrynHouse Arryn: Robert Arryn, son of Catelyn’s late sister Lysa, is still the disturbed underage ruler of the Eyrie. With the Knights of the Vale aligning with House Stark under the leadership of Littlefinger, they end their isolation and enter the board as major players.

TullyHouse Tully: Edmure is still alive, presumably in a dungeon somewhere in Riverrun. Now that the Freys are dead, he may be released and take charge of his ancestral home. He also has a wife and son that he hasn’t seen since the Red Wedding. It looks like House Tully is one of the few houses with a young heir, a fortress, and parents left.

BoltonHouse Bolton: With Ramsay’s death back in Battle of the Bastards, the Boltons are finished. And good riddance, I say.

Various Houses in the North, including Mormont, Glover, and that third one I can’t remember that was the last to pledge himself: Alive but their leaders are mostly very old or very young, and their houses are much smaller than they once were. They’re bound to take another beating in the battles to come as they all just pledged themselves to Jon Snow as King in the North. Lady Mormont may be small, but she is eloquent and feisty and one of the many formidable women who dominated this season.

With so few Houses left in the running, it should be interesting to see who the major players are in season 7. Is your favorite House still alive? Did I miss anyone? What do you think is in store for the Houses who are left? Let us know in the comments!


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