Gaming Etiquette 101

Everyone has their “thing” about what other gamers do that annoys them, just like how most gamers probably do something that might annoy others. I’ll admit to being a headset eater. Here are a few things to help anyone out who is trying to kill the gamer stereotype about being a jerk, and who just wants to be courteous.

  1. Don’t talk smack, say slurs about groups of people, or threaten to “rape” anyone on headset. This is extremely infuriating. Just because other people on headset may speak this way doesn’t mean you have to. It is entirely inappropriate and offensive. Don’t get into the habit of it because just like quitting swearing, it is a tough habit to break. You could be offending people over headset, or worse, offending your own family and friends. You shouldn’t speak like this under any circumstances.
  2. Try not to be a headset eater. Try not to eat your favorite snack while on headset, or at least have the courtesy to mute when chewing. In a similar fashion, try to mute when chewing, talking to people outside of game, sneezing, blowing your nose, or coughing. Our eardrums say thank you.1002621_10151616486591643_563354235_n.jpg
  3. Be careful about tagging people in screen shots. This one is tough. You want to be careful when you share screenshots of games online that you ask your friend before tagging them. While this sounds silly, this friend may be worried about a job application, a charitable volunteer opportunity, or a family member seeing the games they play. While I am a gamer loud and clear, I know my friends sometimes like to keep their “stay at home hobby” private from others.10624704_10205005276877849_5275320247488081308_n.jpg
  4. Be a team player. No really, at least play. If you are playing online with others, do not just sit there and leave your character spawned in and not play. Far too often I am playing on a team that is handicapped because a player or two hasn’t left the spawn point. Log out if you aren’t going to actually play.1381967_10202376501600110_930596473_n.jpg
  5. Be kind, have fun, and make sure to keep your friends involved. Whether it is a new game, you are new to gaming, or if you are pro, be kind to other players, have a blast, don’t make your friends sit idly and watch you play, and make sure to play with friends. This community is full of trash talk and things people don’t mean. And while sometimes trash talking your roommate is funny, be kind while on headset. I mean, who wants reports on XBL anyways?

Gaming is all about community fun, strategizing, and getting in some time with friends so make sure to be polite and kind, and don’t fall into bad habits.




About Jenn Kilgallon

I am a millennial professional seeking out good, healthy habits while still committing to my geek life. I am a proud life optimizer, and a spiritual person of many practices. I want to share that with you! "Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you've done learning, bitterness sets in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning's awakening full of potential and cheery portent."-Nick Offerman Geek. Writer. Artist. Genius. Tea Drinker.

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