LGBTQ Makeup: Be Prideful for Pride Month

June is a month of celebration for LGBTQ folks. A community frequently ignored by the mainstream gets to to celebrate who they are and who they love. And although this month has been marred by tragedy, Pride is not over. Inspired by the amazing NikkieTutorials on Youtube, today I will show you how to get this amazing rainbow eye makeup so you can get your own Pride on. wp-1466127171405.jpg

For this eye look, you will need:

~The Usual Suspects (Eyeliner, Mascara, Primer)

~R.O.Y.G.B.V. Eyeshadows

~NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

~Nude Eyeliner

~Skin Tone Powder


I started off this look with my face done. Foundation, powder, contour, blush, highlighter, and brows were done off-camera to save time. Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer to the whole lid, don’t skip the lower lashes! They need love too! Draw on your eyeball with the Jumbo Pencil and blend it out. This will ensure the colors will be as obnoxiously bright as they appear in their pans. Place a skin tone shade, or a highlight shade (any highlight shades happen to be my skin tone…so pale girl problems) under your eyebrow with a fluffy brush. Concentrate the pigment under the highest point of the brow and blend to the sides and down.

The fun part begins: the rainbow. Starting at the inner third of you top lid, pat on a neon yellow eyeshadow until the intensity is how you want it. Repeat on the other eye. Using the same brush, flip it over and grab a bright orange with the clean side. Pat that into the center third of your eyelid. To blend the line between colors, gently swipe side to side on the line with both sides of the brush. This will help create a better gradient effect. Place the red on the outer third, holding a brush up to the edge to create a crisp line. Blend the red gently into the crease as well as fixing the gradient into the orange. If you need to add more of the other colors, go for it, I did.

Starting at the outer corner of your lower lash line, place a purple shade on the outer third. Blend this shade up to meet the red and lightly blend the edges. Add a medium blue to the center, right under the orange, and blend into the purple. Lastly, use a neon or sparkly green shade on the inner corner. Blend this into the blue. Take one last look at the shades and adjust as needed. Once perfect, add your black winged liner to the top lash line. Fill in your lower water line with a nude liner, or white, to make the eyes seem more awake and brighter. Apply tons of mascara and false lashes and the eyes are complete! Pair this with any lip color you want and wear it proud. I paired mine with Bow ‘N Arrow by Kat Von D.

Don’t forget to check out Madeyewlook on Youtube for more tips and tricks, along with amazing body painting. Thank you all so much for stopping by. Please tag Daily Geekette with your recreations! Don’t forget to love each other and awesome to one another.wp-1466127183380.jpg

What are your plans for Pride month? Let’s discuss.

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