Geekettes Join Sci-Fi Summer Reading Challenge

There’s something about outer space, advanced technology, dystopian governments, and other sci-fi tropes that seem especially suited to summer. Maybe because the hot, lazy days make you want to stretch your mind to the world’s possibilities. In any case, since this book babe can definitely see herself toting some robot reads or steampunk stories in her beach bag over the next couple of months, the Daily Geekette has decided to join Fortified by Books’s Sci-Fi Summer Reading Challenge!

sci-fi-summerreading-challengeIn a post from last month, blogger Fortified by Books set up the rules for her self-created reading challenge focusing on reading as much science fiction as possible in the summer months. The time frame of the challenge will extend from June 20th (first day of summer, as marked by the summer solstice), to September 21st (the end of summer, also known as the Autumn equinox).

The rules, according to Fortified by Books, are as follows: “Any book of at least 100 pages that is classified as Science Fiction, including any Sci-Fi subgenres, qualifies for this challenge.  That means audiobooks, physical books, ebooks, library books, free books, other borrowed books, anthologies, and graphic novels are all acceptable options.  You may also count any Sci-Fi book that counts towards another reading challenge.” So steampunk nerds, space western geeks, dystopia dorks, screw on your goggles and put your reading gear on hyper drive because your subgenres are in the game!

There are four different levels of accomplishment for this challenge:

  1. The “Red Shirt” will have read 1-5 books by the end date.
  2. The “Viper Pilot” will have read 6-10,
  3. The “Jedi” will have read 11-15, and
  4. The “Time Lord” will have read a whopping 16 or more! You may need to let me in on your secret to time travel if you complete this one.

I, personally, am aiming for high-Viper Pilot/low-Jedi. I often read as many as 40 books in one summer and it’s not a stretch to  assume about a quarter of them will be sci-fi, given my predilections. I’m especially confident since I’m already in the middle of two sci-fi books now! Then again, there are only 13 weeks and some change covered by the challenge, so a Jedi would have to finish a whole book almost every week. Also, I don’t want to pin myself to just one genre for a whole season, so some of my time will certainly be taken up reading other books outside the challenge.

I’ll be posting my progress at the bottom of my regular biweekly Thursday book posts. There may be some giveaways accompanying my updates so make sure to stay tuned!

Want to join the challenge too? Click on the link to the original post above and sign up yourself! Be sure to let me know in the comments how many sci-fi books you plan to read this summer.


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