First Teaser For “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” (2017) Debuts With Enchanting Results

Yes, my friends! The day (and teaser trailer) is here. Disney has finally given us our first look at their live action retelling of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans (along with a excellent supporting cast.) And though this is nowhere near full of all the BatB goodness this movie has in store, this is an excellent taste of what is in store for this magical movie going experience.

The trailer opens with another new rendition of Disney’s classic castle logo. I’m hoping this is a sign of the company’s continued trend of modifying the intro to fit the movie, as they did brilliantly with Jungle Book and other recent releases. This time around, we see the Beast’s cold snowy castle. If this is any indication (along with other shots in the trailer) of what the 2017 version of his home appears in the film itself, than I think Bill Condon and his team have a good handle of translating the animated material to a live action format.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.40.09 AM

The shots that follow show the castle shifting and changing, giving what could be the prolog sequence that opens the movie. We also get a look at the famous portrait of The Beast, but instead of the typical close up style of a teenage prince, there is a three person full body style rendering of what appears to be a very young prince and his parents. This definitely lends to the rumor that this version of Beast’s backstory will finally give details on his family, something fans of specifically the Disney animated film have wondered for years. Considering the history of this story, I’ll be curious if screenwriter Stephen Chbosky is taking inspiration from Villeneuve’s version, which involves Beast’s mother. Whichever route the team goes with this retelling, I’d say that a parent angle will definitely be incorporated.

The teaser also features a few voice snippets, including Ewan Mcgregor as Lumiere, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, and Emma Watson as Belle giving a haunting “Hello.” Unfortunately, Ewan stands out the most just for the simple reason that his French accent is (as I and many feared) very forced. He certainly is no Jerry Orbach, and he could be the only tiny weak spot in the film. But McKellen and Watson fit perfectly into this world, even with just a tiny sampling of their dialog.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.40.55 AM

The promo ends on a shot of Belle looking through the belle jar that protects Beast’s magic rose. This is obviously taken from the moment that Belle investigates the forbidden West Wing, and will most likely be followed by her running away into the cold and dark wolf-filled forest. Watson’s eyes look stunning here, and definitely make me (as the big Belle fan that I am) feel comfortable with her casting. Though the real deciding factor will be her singing voice, which hopefully doesn’t go into the trap that so many Hollywood-to-musical stars fall victim to (looking at you, Russell Crowe!).

Interestingly, this teaser and all advertising thus far have yet to use the Beauty and the Beast logo and rather just say “Be Our Guest” instead. Though I know the film team wants to separate the animated from the original, I hope this changes come the next trailer, since I’m sure it would confuse the more generic film goer as to what the actual title of the movie is. But honestly, with just those few issues, Bill Condon’s Beauty and the Beast is thus far a touch tribute to the work of Disney’s legacy. Let’s hope it continues to live up to the hype!

So are you excited for Disney’s 2017 retelling of Beauty and the Beast? What are your favorite moments from the teaser? Are you already planning your outfits for the first showing? Comment below with your ideas, plans, and thoughts!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast arrives in theaters March, 17th 2017.

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