This Week on TV: May 14- 20

This week on TV…Once Upon a Time wrapped up its fifth season with a two-part finale that was both cheesy and convoluted. The Flash did everything it could to tear down Barry’s newfound optimism. Arrow saw new developments in Damien Darhk’s Genesis plan…for the worse. Read on for more of our thoughts, and a link to a full post about the OUaT finale!

OUaT 5×22 and 5×23: “Only You/An Untold Story” (Brianna)

If these walls could talk: Emma and Regina have a heart-to-heart in the apartment once occupied by their respective dead boyfriends

There was an awful lot of Charming/Mills family drama this week. Rumplestiltskin put all of Storybrooke’s magic at risk to wake Belle, but it was, in fact, Henry who screwed everyone over by finding a way to destroy magic. The idea of Regina relapsing into the Evil Queen became the least of anyone’s worries as a bunch of extended family members were stuck in a new realm. Henry managed to fix things, but Rumplestiltskin’s latest deal brought a slew of new residents to Storybrooke, including Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. For more details, check out my full recap here.

The Flash 2×22, “Invincible” (Megan)

Fun Fact: Everyone on Earth-2 apparently dresses better than their Earth-1 counterpart
Fun Fact: Everyone on Earth-2 apparently dresses better than their Earth-1 counterpart

After his encounter with the speed force, Barry is bordering on over-confident and the team begins to worry about him. Caitlin returns to the team, but is traumatized from her time as Zoom’s prisoner, and keeps seeing him when he’s not there. Laurel Lance’s doppelganger, Black Siren, comes to Central City and is knocking down buildings with her sonic metahuman abilities, as part of Zoom’s plan to distract Barry. Much to his father’s frustration, Wally keeps trying to help as the city sits under attack from Zoom’s metahuman army, but his help comes in handy when Barry first encounters Black Siren face to face and momentarily freezes.

Inspired by all of the sonic powers they keep encountering, the team realizes that they can take out all of the Earth-2 metahumans with a targeted sonic attack. Jesse’s protective earphones start to fail, and Wells puts his own on her, leaving him also unconscious from the sonic attack. Zoom escapes when Barry rounds up the unconscious Earth-2 folks, but returns and takes Henry. Barry chases him (revealing his identity to Wally, the only one who still didn’t know) and they end up at his childhood home, where Zoom kills Henry in front of Barry. This was a heavy episode, even with Barry’s unrelenting optimism at the start of it. There will be a lot of emotional fallout to come, and honestly, I don’t want that all to be resolved in next week’s finale – I think some of it will continue into next season, and it should.

Arrow 4×22, “Lost in the Flood” (Megan)

Mid-apocalypse family drama feels...out of place?
Mid-apocalypse family drama feels…out of place?

Darhk returns to H.I.V.E. headquarters to get Rubicon up and running again, with help from Felicity’s hacker ex-boyfriend, Cooper. Noah (Felicity’s Dad, who I still call The Calculator in my head just so I can laugh every time I see his face), Felicity and Curtis take down Rubicon for good by overloading it. Oliver and Diggle break into the ark city and find Thea, only to find out that her father had fed her the mind-control drug. She fights off the drug’s effects, and the three team up right as Lonnie Machin takes over the city’s control center, with Darhk’s wife and daughter as his captives. Oliver tells Malcolm to evacuate the underground city while he, Diggle, and Thea try to stop Machin. The city’s command center is damaged in the fight, leading to a series of massive explosions, burying the whole thing. Machin kills Ruvé and escapes in the chaos, but Oliver is able to rescue Darhk’s daughter.

When Malcolm tells Damien that his wife is dead, Darhk decides to destroy the world anyway, even without an ark. In the final moments, he shows up at Felicity’s apartment, where she is with her mother and Curtis. There were some nice family moments of Felicity with each of her parents in this episode, but they were kind of overshadowed by the big, end of the world stuff happening all around them. The end of the episode also left me speculating about Felicity’s father possibly returning next week in time to sacrifice himself for her, as a final way of proving that he has changed into a better person. We’ll have to wait for next week, round three of the doomsday scenario, to find out if my prediction comes true.

What did you think of this week’s finale and almost-finale episodes? Tell us in the comments!


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