Teaser Reveals New Logo for Upcoming Star Trek Series

Yesterday CBS dropped a small teaser for their new Star Trek series, set to premiere in January 2017 and already making some fans nervous. The teaser reveals a new logo, and a semi-tagline: “New Crews – New Villains – New Heroes – New Worlds.” Watch the 50-second teaser in full below:

Like I said, the teaser doesn’t really tell us much, but it will help build up excitement (not that that is something Star Trek fans are often short on). I have seen mixed reports saying that CBS will be airing the premiere in the US but then putting the rest of the episodes only on CBS All Access, and some folks saying that the full season will air. Either way, there will be plenty of eager fans waiting to see it, whether they love it or they hate it.

I know that I for one am remaining cautiously optimistic, especially because, at this point, we know nothing about the actual content of the series. Bryan Fuller is serving as show-runner/executive producer, and he isn’t new to the Star Trek franchise. He has two story credits from DS9 and several writing and story credits from Voyager. As more information (and casting!) is revealed, we’ll keep you updated here on The Daily Geekette. Production is set to begin in Canada this fall.



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