Screw the Zombies, Assassins, and Ship Wars: Fight for Galavant and Agent Carter

It’s May, which means Official Cancellation Season. Among the latest of several network cullings are ABC’s Galavant and Agent Carter.  Despite positive fan reception, both shows suffered low ratings in their second seasons.  They were also pet projects of Paul Lee, the network’s Entertainment President who was ousted in February and replaced by Channing Dungey.

So while the chopping block wasn’t unexpected, that didn’t make it hurt any less when ABC swung the axe.

galavant shake head no

But this is 2016, so there may be life after network death.  Here’s what YOU can do to save these beloved shows.  #MoreGalavant #SaveAgentCarter

Campaign, Campaign, Campaign

The day the cancellations were announced, Kared David took to Twitter and livestreamed a message to heartbroken Galavant fans. The actress, who portrayed Princess Isabella, said that while the battle was lost, the war was not yet over.  But THIS WEEK (May 14-20th)  is absolutely CRUCIAL in getting media attention for Galavant. Use the hashtag MoreGalavant and tweet at Hulu. Netflix and Amazon are potential targets as well, but this week the focus is on Hulu, as it is the most likely of the platforms to pick up Galavant.

Karen David has issued a series of campaign options to get attention: it is an incredibly exhaustive list. You can find much of it in this interview, as well as on Karen David’s various social media from Facebook to Twitter. Galavant has a lot of celebrity fans, from Mark Hamilll to William Shatner, but it is YOU who has the power to save it.  And bonus, many of these can be applied to campaign for Agent Carter, too! So let’s get to work.

  • Sign up for Hulu’s free week trial and watch Galavant episodes to boost ratings. Let it play in the background while you scroll through Tumblr your favorite website. (You have to supply a credit card, so cancel before Day 7 to avoid charges)
  • Sign petitions: Galavant, Agent Carter    – and SHARE THEM.
  • Write letters – y’know, that thing people did before phones? – Hulu for Galavant, Netflix for Agent Carter.
  • Write on social media to Hulu or Netflix.
  • Use the search bar on things like Netflix and Hulu for “Agent Carter” and “Galavant” – even though you know the shows will not be there, those searches contribute to company research about what customers want to see.
  • Make phone calls to customer service lines – those calls are recorded and also go towards consumer research. Hulu’s Customer Service Line is 1-877-485-8411. Press 5 for Customer Service, between 8am and 10pm Pacific Standard Time.
  • VOTE in the Teen Choice Awards.

Basically, make the system WORK for YOU. We can do this, folks, but we’ve got to act now. If you loved both shows, campaign for both! If not, do unto others and promote both anyway!


As a fan who tuned into every episode for both series, I was fairly pissed when I heard about the cancellations. Agent Carter was the first Marvel TV series with a female lead. It expanded upon the already fantastic character of Peggy Carter, navigating post-WWII with a lack of respect from her male peers. The first season had Peggy running a shadow investigation within the S.S.R. to prove that Howard Stark hadn’t committed treason. She found an unlikely partner in Stark’s butler, Edwin Jarvis, and made a nemesis of Dottie Underwood, one of the first graduates of the Red Room (the same assassin school that trained Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow).

After putting the loss of Steve behind her, Peggy juggled an investigation in Los Angeles with the potential for new love in season two. After stopping a black matter incident and exposing the Council of Nine, Peggy wrapped up her LA adventure by giving in to her feelings for her colleague, Daniel Sousa. But we were left with unanswered questions: is Sousa the husband Peggy refers to in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? And what about that final scene? Agent Jack Thompson, who finally chose a side on TeamPeggy, was shot by an unknown assailant. The gunman (gunperson?) absconded with an ominous case file from Peggy’s past and left Thompson bleeding out on the floor of his hotel room. But more than that, there’s just so much more about the title character of Agent Carter that could be explored. HYDRA waited decades to resurface because they didn’t dare make a play while Peggy Carter was in charge.

Meanwhile, Galavant was arguably in a tough spot from the start. But the Monty Python-esque musical series was a brilliant departure from typical mid-season filler, thanks to the contributions of Dan Fogelman, Glenn Slater, and Alan Menken. Yes, THAT Alan Menken. What other show do you know parodies Disney with an actual Disney lyricist?

Season one introduced us to the washed-up title character, an adventurer who lost his mojo after his “true love” Madalena left him for luxury and power as the wife of King Richard. When Princess Isabella enlists Gal to help take back her kingdom from Richard, he finds himself falling for Izzy during the journey. The season one finale got quite a bit of attention for its gut-punch of a cliffhanger. Madalena staged a coup for the throne, leading to Richard’s exile with Galavant. Squire Sid is held hostage by Gareth, who appears to ally himself with the scheming queen. Meanwhile, Isabella leads the others to her cousin’s kingdom as a safe haven, giving up her freedom in the process.

The show poked fun at itself in its opening number for season two: the miracle of renewal, its Sunday night competition and ratings, and spoiling its own finale. The subtitle of the episode told the “Cancellation Bear [to] suck it.” It set the tone for a season which I think surpasses the first. During its airing, the second season of Galavant had a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes! It gave us a bisexual punk rock princess, Neo of Sporin, an army of Love Zombies, and several catchy tunes that pay homage to hit musicals: Les Miserables, Oliver, Grease, even Hamilton.

Ex-king Richard struggles to find his purpose after Madalena’s betrayal. He dedicates himself to helping Galavant rescue Isabella and finds his own true love along the way in Roberta Steingass (Clare Foster). He also adopts Tad Cooper, whom he believes is a dragon. After a misunderstanding in communication, Isabella believes Galavant dumped her. She falls under the enchantment of a manipulative wedding planner, but comes back as a strong leader when the spell is broken. Meanwhile, Gareth and Madalena form an unlikely partnership and actually develop feelings for each other. In the finale, several characters finally reunite just in time for an epic battle of three armies. Madalena chooses the power of dark magic over love and abandons Gareth, while Richard saves the day and discovers his destiny as The One True King. Galavant and Isabella marry and retire from adventuring. But, like Agent Carter, some questions remained: who is The D.E.L, the Dark Evil Lord that Madalena seeks out in the closing song? Will Gareth and Sid rescue her from her ambition? And what about that teaser with Richard feeding Tad Cooper – implied to now be an actual full grown dragon!?

Shows don’t really exist without fans. Agent Carter and Galavant have some of the most dedicated fans I’ve witnessed. We believe in Peggy. We believe in Tad Cooper. And now, I’m asking you to believe that together we can make a difference. The time is NOW.

What do you love about Galavant and Agent Carter? What do you want from Season Three? What else can you do to campaign? Comment below to find out!

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