Margot Robbie To Produce All Female DC Movie

Harley Quinn fans rejoice! According to the Hollywood Reporter, our girl will be headlining a spin-off adventure. This project will not be a solo-film, however. Sources are saying this film will be a female centric cast of DC’s superheros and villains. Potential plots and other characters involved are being kept very hush-hush. The only other names and plots being thrown around with the project are Batgirl and the Birds of Prey plotline.


Margot Robbie, miss Harley Quinn herself, is taking on the producing credit – after falling in love with the DC’s female roster when researching her Suicide Squad role. Margot hired an unnamed female writer and brought the idea to Warner Bros, who (clearly) are loving the concept. No word yet on when the movie will start filming or a release date.

Obviously, this story is still in the early stages of production. As more details are released, check back for updates. Are you excited for an all female DC movie? What do you think about Harley’s role in Suicide Squad? Is this a sign that things will turn out better than Batman v Superman? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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