A Rabbit Hole of Wonderland Inspired Clothing? I’m In!

New collections are always a thing to celebrate. The day Hot Topic sends the pre-order email, I squee with joy and browse the options. This time, however, Torrid (Hot Topic’s sister store) released an email at the same day and time. Both stores are releasing a clothing line inspired by the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. Cue my fangirling.

Torrid and Hot Topic are offering Alice’s blue and purple dresses, the Red Queen dress, and the Mad Hatter’s military vest. The clothes are called different things on both sites, but the items are the exact same. Torrid is offering graphic t-shirts in their collection as well. Hot Topic is also including men’s options to their line, something we have not seen in the past. The options are based off of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, a wise choice as he is one of the few returning male characters people will recognize (and Hatter is AWESOME).

As with the other collections, items will be available in Hot Topic stores and on their website. The Alice collection is currently available for pre-order online until the release on May 17th. The collection from Torrid is online exclusive, available for pre-order now, with a release date of May 17th.


Now, I take issue with Torrid keeping their collections online exclusive, as it contributes to already present sizing issues. Torrid’s collections can run small, just as Hot Topic’s do. Nothing is made the same! Sizing is always different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Not to mention, material plays a MAJOR part in how things fit. However, there is a need for a plus size store that caters to the fandom base. Torrid offers it, but online only. Twenty-ish pounds ago, I was limited to Torrid purchases. I could squeeze into Hot Topic shirts in a 3XL, but I didn’t love the fit. I didn’t even know Torrid had fandom options until I was tagged in the plus size release of the Marvel by Her Universe collection. It took two returns on the Loki dress to get the correct size because nothing was in store.


At the time of this article’s release, these collections are not available to the public. Once I can get my hands on some of the items, check back for an update. Overall, I’m really excited about these collections. Alice is one of my favorite books and I love all of the movie adaptations.

Let us know what you think in the comments! Which item do you want?

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