This Week on TV: Apr 29 – May 6

This week on TV…escaping the Underworld rests upon whether Emma’s love for Killian Jones is true on Once Upon a Time. Meanwhile, in flashbacks, we learn the origin of her red leather jacket – arguably a more compelling story. On The Flash, the team continued to try and make do without Barry’s powers, even as Zoom begins his attack on Earth-1. On Arrow, Darhk escalated his doomsday plans, and Oliver visited a shaman on advice from Constantine. Read on for our full thoughts!

Once Upon a Time 5×20, “Firebird” (Brianna)

That Hades (or anyone for that matter) can suddenly pull Emma's heart from her chest is its own special kind of OUAT B.S.
That Hades (or anyone for that matter) can suddenly pull Emma’s heart from her chest is a special kind of OUAT B.S.

Rumplestiltskin and Peter Pan use Zelena as leverage so Hades will tear up the baby contract. The Lord of the Underworld offers to take the heroes’ names off the gravestones if Emma helps him rescue his wicked lady love. The unlikely allies succeed, but so does Rumple in getting the contract destroyed. He exits the scene, leaving Papa Pan high and dry. Later, Pan offers Pandora’s Box in exchange for a living heart so he can return to Storybrooke. Rumple gives him the old bait-and-switch after getting the box, and Pan dissolves due to water from the River of Lost Souls.

Hades’s curse breaks when he shares a True Love’s Kiss with Zelena, meaning he can leave the Underworld. Hades becomes Helpful Guy, holding up his promise about the gravestones. Unfortunately, the second attempt at splitting Emma’s heart to share with Hook fails. The pirate has been dead too long. Helpful Hades chimes in that fruit of the ambrosia tree might revive Hook, if Emma’s heart passes the test of true love. Of course, they’re on a bit of a deadline – a portal to Storybrooke will open at sunset for a very small window of time. If the gang misses it, they’re stuck in the Underworld for good.

Captain Swan ventures below the library for the test, which Emma passes when she opts to save Killian rather than her heart.  Meanwhile, Henry devotes their last few hours in the Underworld to Operation Firebird. To encourage remaining souls to move on, he uses his Author powers to write about their unfinished business. Unfortunately, he and the others get locked in the library by Cruella and the Blind Witch, while Emma and Killian discover the ambrosia tree was destroyed long ago. Hades played them all, and now he’s in Storybrooke with Zelena and her baby.

After an emotional goodbye, Emma and the others leave the Underworld, while Hook remains behind. The episode was advertised as a Captain Swan story, but it was remarkably light on scenes involving that couple. Regardless, I was more invested in the flashbacks to Emma’s past and that Stealthy the Dwarf cameo we got in the Underworld.

The Flash 2×20, “Rupture” (Megan)

Evil Dante Ramon, aka Rupture
Evil Dante Ramon, aka Rupture

Without Barry’s super speed to help them fight crime, the team rigs up a hologram to help slow down criminals long enough for the cops to catch up to them. Wells repeatedly reminds them that this ruse is only going to last so long – and sure enough, Zoom soon shows up, with Caitlin in tow. Barry’s father comes back Central City to support Barry as he tries to decide whether to accept Wells’ offer of recreating the accelerator explosion. Cisco gets a vibe about his brother Dante, but it turns out to be the Earth-2 version of Dante, “Rupture,” seeking revenge for his brother’s death. Zoom sends Rupture after the police, only to show up himself and kill both Rupture and the police because Barry and Joe managed to stop Rupture. Zoom announces on camera that the Flash is gone, and Barry decides to go along with Wells’ plan.

In the final moments, Barry seemingly disappears in the midst of the recreated explosion, and Wally and Jesse (who had been locked up “for their own safety” most of the episode) are hit by a shockwave. This episode was exciting, yes, but what I’m most excited for is the aftermath – how Barry might be changed when they get him back from wherever he is, and what new abilities Wally and Jesse might have. Caitlin spent the episode pretty much as Zoom’s prisoner, but she was the one who warned Barry and Joe about Rupture’s attempted police attack, so it wasn’t like she was just sitting idly by for the whole episode. Iris also finally spoke up about her feelings for Barry, which I’m sure will continue to be a factor as we head towards the season finale later this month.

Arrow 4×20, “Genesis” (Megan)

Diggle and Andy

Darhk reunites with the members of H.I.V.E. and promptly kills them off for letting him rot in jail, before declaring that it’s time for “Genesis” to begin. Oliver and Felicity seek help from a shaman in fighting off Darhk’s magic, but after testing him, she declares that Oliver is full of too much darkness to be able to fight off Darhk’s magic, which feeds off of darkness and death. Diggle stupidly tries to go after his brother on his own, and Andy plants a tracker on him, so that Darhk can come after Diggle when he is with Lyla and their daughter. In the attack, Oliver manages to fight off Darhk’s power, but Darhk still escapes, and takes from Lyla a chip that will allow him to control the world’s nuclear weapons. Diggle is also forced to decide between his family and his brother, and decides to shoot his own brother because he knows that Andy will keep coming after him if he doesn’t. It was a very powerful moment, and I’m sure Diggle will be dealing with the emotional consequences of it for some time.

Meanwhile, Thea believes she is going on a weekend getaway with Alex, only to realize he is under Ruvé’s control when she sees him taking the yellow mind control pills. As she tries to escape, it’s revealed that she is in a secret underground city: the bunker that Darhk has built for those he wants to live through Genesis. The team realizes that Darhk plans to destroy the world so that he can rebuild it the way he wants – oh no! I really enjoyed Oliver and Felicity’s dynamic in this episode – it’s clear that even though they are no longer engaged, there is a lot of love between them, and that was really great to see. I was worried for a moment that Oliver was going to say it was his love for Felicity alone that allowed him to fight off Darhk’s magic, because that might have felt cheesy, but instead he lists her, and then the other members of their team, including the deceased Laurel, which made it a much better moment than I briefly feared it might be. Now that the final plot pieces have been revealed, I’m feeling a little more curious and invested in watching the team take down Darhk in the next couple of episodes, against seemingly impossible odds.

What did you watch this week, Geekettes? Are you excited for upcoming season finales?


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