This Week on TV – April 23-29

This week on TV…Regina and Zelena grow closer on Once Upon a Time through a ham-handed retcon, and Rumplestilstkin enlists an unlikely ally to protect his unborn child. In the last two weeks of The Flash, Barry took on Zoom…with not much success, and had to deal with the aftermath of that battle. This week on Arrow saw the team struggling with the loss of one of their own, and an imposter who starts impersonating her around the city. Read on for our full thoughts and recaps!

Once Upon a Time 5×19,  “Sisters” (Brianna)

Mills Family Reunion. Barbara Hershey returns as Cora

Hades puts the charm on for Zelena, proposing a kiss of True Love could break his curse and free him from ruling the Underworld. He suggests they take over the real Storybrooke since our heroes will be stuck below. An eavesdropping Regina hears his proposal and enlists Cora to break them up. The Mother of Manipulation suggests that a forgetting potion from the River Lethe would be best for Zelena. She would know. . .

In flashbacks, we learn of young Regina’s magical accident while exploring her mother’s things, and the rules of blood magic prevent Cora from healing her. To save Regina from death, Cora tracks down her secret first-born in Oz. Young Zelena has a natural affinity for magic, and leaps at the chance to actually do some good with it. She heals Regina and the two girls become playmates. When Zelena involuntarily opens the drawer locked with blood magic, the two are delighted at the prospect of being sisters. Cora, however, is disappointed in Regina’s attitude and forcibly separates the girls, wiping their memories of the event.

In the present, David finally comes face-to-face with deceased twin James. James appears resentful of the life that David got to lead while impersonating him. David gets knocked out when the two brawl and James assumes his identity. Emma doesn’t get suspicious until the gang goes to meet up with Robin and baby Hood in the woods. James reveals himself and holds the others at gunpoint until Cruella arrives. They kidnap baby Hood as leverage in their true plan: getting Hades to release them from the Underworld. When David arrives, Brawl #2 ensues at the waterfront and James ends up in the River of Lost Souls.

Meanwhile, Cora reunites with a grown Zelena as a distraction so Regina can slip her the forgetting potion. Zelena catches them and Cora confesses that she is at fault for the state of their relationship. She gives her daughters back their memories to resolve her unfinished business, and prepares to move on. I’m actually supremely conflicted over the fact that Cora moved on to a better place in the end. Helping her daughters reconnect doesn’t erase the many evil deeds of her past, nor does it really explain why Regina decides to trust Zelena about Hades. Unfortunately, Rumplestilstkin pops up with papa Peter Pan, sending the Wicked Witch’s date night awry with kidnapping.

The Flash 2×18, “Versus Zoom” (Megan)

This never ends well
This never ends well

The full backstory of Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick/Zoom is revealed, and in some ways is very similar to Barry’s backstory. Zolomon saw his father murder his mother as a child, but unlike Barry, who went to a loving home with Joe, Zolomon was put into foster care, and grew up to be an infamous serial killer. In present day Earth-1, Barry has managed to quadruple his speed thanks to a tachyon accelerator. In order to face Zoom, Barry convinces Cisco to use his powers to reopen a breach. Zoom immediately comes through, and Barry briefly traps him by surprising him with images of his parents, but Zoom escapes and kidnaps Wally. Barry agrees to give up his speed to save Wally, but Zoom then takes Caitlin with him when he returns to Earth-2.

Through all of this, Wally still somehow remains oblivious to The Flash’s true identity. It was a solid episode, and I appreciated the way that Caitlin is still shown as grappling with the feelings she had for Jay, and how she uses that against Zoom when he momentarily turns on the helpless Barry. The biggest thing that surprised me about this episode was that I was sure they were going to try and put off a showdown with Zoom for a little longer, but clearly this was not the final showdown, so I’m excited to see how the actual final showdown plays out.

The Flash 2×19, “Back to Normal” (Megan)

Personal highlight of the episode here - these two meeting face to face
Personal highlight of the episode here – these two meeting face to face

Barry struggles to adjust to life at normal human speed again, and Wells goes searching for his daughter. A metahuman with a grudge by the name of Griffin Grey kidnaps Wells, blaming him for the way that his metahuman abilities also came with rapid aging. Barry, Cisco, and Joe figure out a way to take him down after Barry notices that using his powers ages Grey even faster. Wells brings Jesse home to S.T.A.R. Labs, and he offers to recreate the accelerator explosion to give Barry his powers back. Meanwhile on Earth-2, Zoom/Hunter tells Caitlin that he kidnapped her because he does in fact have feelings for her, and he tells her to make herself at home in his lair. Caitlin meets Killer Frost, who is currently locked up in the lair, along with the mysterious man in the metal mask. Caitlin helps Killer Frost break out, only to have her turn on her once she’s free. Zoom shows up and kills Killer Frost, and warns Caitlin the same thing will happen if she sets the other man free. Zoom ultimately decides that he’s wreaked as much havoc as he can on Earth-2, and so takes Caitlin with him back to Earth-1.

As much as Caitlin spent this episode being manipulated and dragged around by everyone around her, I don’t think she became a passive character. If I were in Caitlin’s situation, there is a good chance I would have spent half the episode crying and panicking. The writers could have chosen to do that, but instead they had Caitlin start exploring the lair when Zoom leaves her alone, and take action when Killer Frost suggests they break out of Zoom’s lair together. While I don’t think this episode was perfect (repeating the accelerator was the best plan they could come up with to get Barry’s powers back?), I do think it had some good character development.

Arrow 4×19, “Canary Cry” (Megan)

This episode had a lot of emotions (if you couldn't tell)
This episode had a lot of emotions (if you couldn’t tell)

An imposter Black Canary appears as the team tries to cope with Laurel’s death. They discover that the imposter is a teen the team left behind in H.I.V.E.’s headquarters, assuming she (and the other people they saw) was there voluntarily. In the midst of their guilt and grief, Diggle attacks Darhk’s wife (luckily stopped by Oliver), and Captain Lance calls up Nyssa al Ghul in hopes of bringing Laurel back from the dead (she explains that the Lazarus Pit was destroyed months ago). Darhk’s wife Ruvé uses her authority as mayor to issue arrest warrants for all the vigilantes in an attempt to intentionally slander Laurel’s Black Canary legacy. Oliver stops the teen Black Canary impersonator from killing Ruvé, and at Laurel’s funeral publicly reveals her to have been the Black Canary, in order to preserve her legacy.

After the funeral – which, for those wondering, is the one we saw hints of earlier in the season – Oliver vows to kill Damien Darhk to avenge Laurel’s death. There were also flashbacks mixed in of Oliver and Laurel dealing with Tommy Merlyn’s death together that were very sweet. This was a well-balanced episode, allowing the grief to play out for each character realistically, and give due honor to Laurel and her contributions to the Green Arrow team. I’m sure the loss of her will continue to be felt (and I sincerely hope they bring in another woman to replace her, or make someone like Lyla a regular part of the team).

What did you watch this week, Geekettes?


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