This Week on TV – Apr 16-22

This week on TV…. Meghan Ory returned as Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time. She confronts Zelena in the Underworld about the curse placed on Dorothy in Oz. Meanwhile, Supergirl‘s finale saw Kara facing off against her uncle, with the entire earth at risk.

Once Upon a Time 5×18, “Ruby Slippers” (Brianna)


Picking up from last week, we learn that Red Riding Hood followed Zelena to the Underworld. In the recent past, Mulan and Red’s quest leads them into Oz. Instead of Red’s wolf pack, they find Dorothy and the recently-banished Zelena, eager to get back to her daughter. The witch takes Toto hostage in exchange for the silver slippers. While working together to stop Zelena, Red bonds with Dorothy and realizes that perhaps her quest has really been about finding companionship. But Dorothy runs off to face Zelena before Red can confess her feelings, and falls under a sleeping curse.

In the present, we’ve got about three or four plot threads moving along. Red and the Underworld Rescue Team track down the deceased Auntie Em so they can break the sleeping curse with True Love’s Kiss. Hades melts dear old Emily to stop them and threatens the rest of the Underworld townsfolk from helping the heroes.  He also dismantles the telephone line to the world above, preventing the Charmings from speaking to baby Neal. Emma encourages her parents to use the silver slippers after helping Dorothy and return to Storybrooke. But with Snow’s name still on a gravestone, only David/Charming can leave. Hook makes himself useful, carving David’s name onto the stone so Snow can leave instead.

Meanwhile, Belle is haunted by her actions from last week’s episode. She reaches out to Zelena for help, knowing the witch has a romantic past with the lord of the Underworld. The conversation prompts an unfortunate realization for Belle: Hades could speed up her pregnancy with dark magic and take her child at any time. Zelena offers a sleeping curse as an alternative. Belle follows through with the idea after informing Rumple he’ll need her father to break the curse with TLK. Meanwhile, Zelena pays a visit to Hades, potentially playing double agent for the heroes.

This episode filled in a good amount of story holes but it was also painfully obvious that Belle and Snow were being temporarily written off to accommodate real-life commitments for the actors. If the writers didn’t already have a past with sidelining Belle unnecessarily, maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much. On the plus side, Zelena continues on a great character arc of fighting her wicked instincts and trying to make good choices.

Supergirl 1×20, “Better Angels” (Kayla)

Better Angels
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This season (possibly series???) conclusion was the second half of a two-part finale. Supergirl, Kat, and Max, assisted by Alex and J’onn, save National City from mind control by broadcasting a message of hope. Aw, cute! However, if Non and Indigo can’t save Earth through enslavement, well, they’re just going to kill everyone. The two boost Myriad, the mind control operation, from stun to kill. If Supergirl and team can’t shut it down, there will be too much pressure, and everyone’s heads will explode.

Accepting that she probably won’t survive the battle, Kara’s determined to stop Non and Indigo. She has a heartfelt farewell with her friends (except James, who she basically breaks up with), and Alex, to whom she can’t say good-bye. Despite his weakened condition, J’onn refuses to let Kara go alone to Fort Rozz for the face-off.

Supergirl and Martian Manhunter take down their two enemies in brutal fashion, but too late – Myriad is set to autopilot. Humanity is doomed unless Kara flies the fort into space, where the lack of atmosphere will kill her. Kara bids her sister farewell over comm device, but Alex hasn’t given up.  Just as Supergirl is losing consciousness, her sister arrives, piloting Kara’s Kryptonian pod.

Back safe at the D.E.O., J’onn receives a pardon from the president and decides to co-head it with Lucy.  Kara returns to her day job and receives a surprising promotion. Cat, impressed with her work, gives her an office and creative freedom. Cut to Kara celebrating a day well saved with all her family and friends. Kara and James kiss. Life is good. But there’s always another incident in National City awaiting – Supergirl and Martian Manhunter investigate an object that’s just crashed to Earth.

In fact, it looks exactly like a Kryptonian pod. Kara opens it and visibly reacts as the episode concludes. The question on everyone’s mind: WHAT’S IN THE POD?!


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