This Week on TV: April 9-15

This week on TV… Once Upon a Time gave us backstory with a recast Gaston, Lessons in Creepery with Hades, and Literally Hiding From Your Problems with Emma. Arrow and Flash took the week off. Meanwhile, the titular character of Supergirl is in dire need of allies when Non’s endgame is revealed.

Once Upon a Time 5×17, “Her Handsome Hero” (Brianna)

Belle and Gaston’s first “date” is anything but typical

All things considered, this was a pretty good episode for Belle. In the past, she meets eventual-fiancé Sir Gaston, whose army could help Belle’s father fight off neighboring ogres. Belle is intrigued when the hunter (played by Wes Brown) doesn’t appear to be the brutish womanizer she’s heard about, but they have a difference of opinion when it comes to handling a child ogre that’s strayed into the realm. These scenes gave us new perspective on Belle’s actions in season one’s “Skin Deep”, but they could’ve done a better job justifying why she accepted Gaston’s proposal.

In the present, Belle asks Rumple for help in protecting their unborn baby from Hades’s contract. She refuses to let him employ dark magic, which Rumple finds particularly frustrating when Gaston starts trying to kill him. Hades comes to Belle with a deal: if she lets the two face off and one throws the other into the River of Lost Souls, he’ll tear up the contract. She turns down the deal, but Rumple goes to face Gaston against her wishes. Belle intervenes, believing she can save both men from their worst selves. She stops Rumple with the dagger, but when Gaston goes in for the kill, Belle pushes him into the river. The baby is still under contract, and Belle experiences hopelessness just like Hades wanted.

Meanwhile, Emma has a foreboding dream involving a storm and a monster that attacks her mother. They discover the “monster” is actually an old friend: Ruby/Red Riding Hood. If Ruby’s dead, could she be the latest casualty of Bury Your Gays? Tune in next week to find out!

Supergirl 1×19, “Myriad”

Unlikely Allies

The epide was quite up-and-down in terms of pacing, but it set a very dramatic stage for next week’s finale. Kara’s in dire need of allies when Myriad is implemented by Non and Indigo. Originally developed by her aunt Astra to “save” Kypton, the mind-control signal is now being used on Earth. The people of National City become the first of many automatons focused on solving the world’s problems. Non issues a personal warning to Kara to stay out of his way, punctuated by her coworker Kelly jumping to her death. Supergirl has to team up with Maxwell Lord, who offers a kryptonite dust bomb as a solution. It will save the planet from Myriad’s control, but at the cost of 8% of the population.

Alex and J’onn make a fugitive supply stop at the house of Eliza Danvers, who fills them in on the crisis situation. They head for the city and are violently greeted by Indigo. With much of J’onn’s energy focused on mentally protecting Alex from the Myriad signal, he loses the fight and Alex is abducted. Just as Cat, Max, and Supergirl come up with a new, hope-inspiring plan, the Girl of Steel is presented with her greatest challenge – Alex in kryptonite armor and under Non’s mind control.

What did you watch this week, Geekettes?

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