This Week on TV: March 19 – 25

This week, The Flash and Arrow returned! The Flash encountered yet another speedster, and Arrow had a return visit from Cupid. On Once Upon a Time, Rumplestiltskin’s penchant for baby deals comes back to bite him in the behind.

Once Upon a Time 5×14, “Devil’s Due”

Can we get some justice for Milah, please?

In the far past, the mortal Rumplestiltskin is desperate to save young Baelfire from a snake bite. Too poor to afford the rare magical cure, Milah encourages her husband to steal (and if necessary, murder) so they can save their son. Rumple’s cowardice gets the better of him, and the healer offers him the cure as part of a deal. Milah is horrified to learn that Rumple signed a contract promising his second-born child.  Years later, during his fling with Cora, the empowered Rumplestiltskin kills the healer to nullify the contract.

In the present, Rumple is suddenly very motivated to help the others rescue Hook and leave “Underbrooke”. He recruits Milah to help sneak himself and Emma into where Hades is holding Hook hostage. Props to the Dark One for the most awkward introduction scene ever. Milah actually admits her past mistakes and takes solace in the fact that her son went on to a better place. While Emma is saving her pirate boyfriend, Hades interrupts the Milah/Rumple heart-to-heart to offer the Dark One a deal.

Desperate to get home on his own as soon as possible, Rumple takes the deal. He sabotages the gang’s way home, pushes Milah into the River of Lost Souls, and puts the blame on Hades. With Hook rescued and her magic regained, Regina tries to pull out Emma’s heart and split it for them to share. It’s the key part to bringing Hook back to Storybrooke, and of course it fails. But…I’m a little unclear why. The episode seemed to suggest that–because Hook would not–Hades chose which of his friends had to stay in Underbrooke: Emma, Snow, and Regina. Are we just going to pretend THIS scene never happened?

Anyway, Rumple’s an eager beaver to collect on his new deal with Hades, but there’s a twist. The Lord of the Underworld figured out why the Dark One is so keen to get home: Belle is pregnant. Hades uses that (and the very NOT nullified contract) to threaten Rumple into serving him.

Supergirl 2×16, “Manhunter” (Kayla and Deanna)

This week on Supergirl, the D.E.O. is under scrutiny from Lucy Lane and Pete Latimer…er…Colonel James Harper (Eddie McClintock). J’onn is being interrogated by Harper, who is incredibly biased. He and Alex get arrested and taken to a secret fort where aliens are dissected and tortured.

Kara ends up teaming up with Lucy after revealing her identity to her. Together the two team up to save Hank and Alex. They get there in time but not before Hank sees into the mind of James Harper and sees that Jeramiah Danvers (Dean Cain), the father of Alex and Kara, is alive and being held at the secret fort. Alex and Hank who are now outlaws leave together to find Danvers, and Kara and Lucy return to the D.E.O. When they return they learn that Hank has used his Martian persuasion to get Lucy appointed as the new head of the D.E.O.

In the B plot of the story Siobhan reaches out to Win for support but it seems she’s more interested in sabotaging Kara than repairing her image. After hacking into Kara’s email and sending an email to Kat, Siobhan is called into Ms. Grant’s office for what seems like a reconciliation meeting but what ends up being a setup. “I regret firing you the first time,” Kat says. She wishes she could’ve been less tame and fire her again but do it right. With help from Win, they were able to track the key stocks and figure out it was not Kara who sent the email. Siobhan goes up to the roof and gets drunk and falls off the roof in a fight with Win. This is where it is revealed that she is the Silver Banshee.

The Flash 2×16, “Trajectory” (Megan)

Her mask makes me think of Speedy on Arrow the more I look at it
Her mask makes me think of Speedy on Arrow the more I look at it

Barry continues his attempts to become faster, but when another speedster mysteriously appears, Caitlin is forced to come clean about the existence of Velocity-9. The other speedster, “Trajectory,” as she is calling herself, is a scientist, Eliza Harmon, from Mercury Labs that Caitlin had asked to help her work on treating Jay’s illness. Eliza imprisons Barry and threatens Jesse, motivating Dr. Wells to give her what she wants: more V-9. Barry chases after her once she leaves, but the latest dose of V-9 proves fatal, and as the speed lightning around her turns blue, Eliza disintegrates right in front of Barry’s eyes. Cisco admits that he has been getting vibes about Zoom every time he’s been standing near Jay’s helmet, and after watching what happened to Eliza, Barry and company realize that Zoom is Jay. Cisco holds Jay’s helmet and confirms this. I haven’t seen the promo for next week’s episode yet, but this felt like a solid episode for this point in the season, finally revealing a key detail that relates to where the season is headed: a final showdown between Barry and Jay/Zoom.

Arrow 4×16, “Broken Hearts” (Megan)

Not quite the wedding we had been hoping for...
Not quite the wedding we had been hoping for…

Cupid returns! This episode felt a little like it was written as a Valentine’s Day episode gone wrong, except it aired about a month too late. Cupid starts targeting celebrity couples, and Ollie and Felicity stage a fake wedding to lure her in. Meanwhile, Laurel is doing everything she can to get Damien Darhk’s case brought to trial and ends up needing her father to testify and admit his own involvement in Darhk’s plans. Captain Lance’s testimony leads to him being suspended. Throughout the episode, Felicity and Oliver are also dealing with the aftermath of Felicity ending their engagement, but do so in the most terribly-written scenes I have seen on Arrow in recent months. Felicity can’t seem to decide whether she wants to completely run away from Oliver, or remain part of the team. Oliver still loves her but doesn’t seem to understand that it will take some time to regain her trust. The only part of the episode that felt compelling was Darhk’s hearing, and I think we all would have been much happier without the rest of it. Hopefully, next week will be better.

What did you watch this week, Geekettes?


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