This Week on TV: March 12 – 18

Welcome back, TV lovers! This week, Once Upon a Time gave us journeys of re-discovery for Mary Margaret and her old pal Hercules, played by Jonathan Whitesell. Hades (Greg Germann) continues to shine as the harsh ruler of the Underworld, but I still don’t get the point of his CGI hair.

Once Upon a Time 5×13, “Labor of Love”


In the past, Regina’s subtle manipulations force young Snow (Bailee Madison) to doubt herself as a future leader. Some training by the hunky demi-god Hercules gives Snow the skills she will later use as a bandit. They share a kiss before he goes on to complete his Twelfth Labor.

In the present, Henry keeps quiet about a run-in with Cruella who wants to return to the land of the living. Meanwhile, a thoroughly tortured Hook knows Emma is in the Underworld searching for him. He helps the captive Megara (Kacey Rohl) escape so she can find Emma and the rest of the Underworld Rescue Team. Snow/Mary Margaret realizes Herc is in the Underworld, which is fortunate since Meg is doggedly pursued by Cerberus. She helps restore the demi-god’s confidence while also getting back to her hero roots. She takes down Cerberus with Meg and Herc, allowing them to move on.

Having lost two more residents (including his nephew), Hades ups the stakes. For every soul the Underworld Rescue Team helps, Hook has to choose one of his friends to take their place. This episode was fun, though Rohl’s Megara didn’t get much characterization. On the plus side, Stepmom!Regina and Teen!Snow flashbacks plus Snow reclaiming her original name were LONG, LOOOOONG overdue.

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