This Week on TV: March 5 – 11

With many shows still on break, Once Upon a Time returned from hiatus with its milestone 100th episode.

Once Upon a Time 5×12, “Souls of the Departed” (Brianna)

souls of the departed2

Lots of cameos, not a lot of action. That’s the majority of OUaT‘s 100th episode, which left me feeling underwhelmed after all the media hype.  In the present, the Underworld Rescue Team adjust to their surroundings and try to locate Killian/Captain Hook.  The Underworld looks suspiciously like run-down Storybrooke – possible plot point later? Meanwhile, in the past, Evil Queen Regina wants only one present for her birthday: Snow White’s heart on a plate. Mama Cora busts out of Wonderland and comes close to delivering. 100 episodes and we’re back to the Cora/Regina/Snow nonsense.

Two scenes punched me right in the feels, however. 1) Actual angel Neal visits Emma in a scene that echoes their very first meeting. Be still, my SwanThief shipping heart! 2) Henry Senior reunites with Regina, whom he forgives for killing him. There’s also a lovely follow-up scene where he meets his grandson. Long overdue, with lots of emotional depth in an otherwise dry episode. Admittedly, I am biased: since the opening scene involved Neal I didn’t care about much else.

On the plus side, this wasn’t an hour shoving Captain Swan down your throat. While finding Hook was the impetus for traveling to the Underworld, the gang finds an additional, Greater Good objective for staying. Although the majority of the residents appear to be past villains, all the souls in the Underworld are there because they “have unfinished business.” It’s basically a middle ground for souls – the only other options are an implied Heaven and Hell. When Regina refuses to follow Cora’s supposedly maternal advice to go back to Storybrooke, she ends up resolving her father’s unfinished business and allows him to move on to a better place. It makes the gang realize that everyone in limbo has the chance to be saved. However, Hades isn’t too keen on that idea. He employed Cora to stop the heroes from embarking on that very mission, which has now been dubbed Operation Firebird.

What did you watch this week?



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