Fuller House Reaction




When it was announced that Fuller House was coming to Netflix, I was so incredibly excited. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and remakes and spinoffs appeal to my more nostalgic soul. Though when I was preparing myself for blasts from the past and throwbacks, I never could have prepared myself for what the show actually was.

Max tshirt

From catch phrases to remaking old scenes, this show is not for new fans. It is to please the already existing, extremely large, and supporting fan base. By the end of the season you might even be saying, “Oh mylanta!” 



They made sure to bring back even the smallest characters from Stephanie’s “husband” Harry Takyama, to the OG cast we know and love. While I had hoped for more cameo appearances from the original cast (and the Olsen twins), I understand that D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie needed to stand on their own two feet.

I also have two new favorite characters that were introduced in Fuller House. Max Fuller, the middle of D.J.’s sons who is adorable, charming, and so incredibly funny, as well as Ramona, Kimmy’s sassy young daughter who takes charge of every situation. Even though they are my favorite of the new characters, all the new kids bring a new life and spirit to the old show, giving it a revival it wouldn’t have had without it.










There’s also a lot of romance in the show, new and old. We of course see Becky and Jesse, as adorable as ever, Danny has some random wife now and Joey has Mr. Woodchuck. While Stephanie has a string of trysts that are mentioned throughout the show and Kimmy has a complicated relationship with her husband, it’s D.J. who has the real romance going on. Of course Steve makes an appearance but he now has a rival. Sexy vet Matt who works along side D.J. at a pet clinic.

DJ Steave Flashback

I really loved this show. From the cheesy one liners to the new theme song, it was everything I wanted and more. I can always know that when I’m lost out there and all alone, a light is waiting to carry me home. Everywhere I look.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 7.57.44 PM


I’m glad to say that I too, was excited for Fuller House to premiere and reignite my childhood memories of the cast and plot I loved. Overall, I’ve got to say the season was phenomenal and I’m ecstatic that Season Two will be waiting just around the bend.

One of my favorite aspects of the show is the fact that it appeals to an older audience. These jokes are down right hilarious, raunchy in a good way, and unique to say the least. For example, a joke that was absolute gold was when Stephanie was speaking to Tommy Fuller Jr. and says, “I know these might look like lunch, but this Dairy Queen is closed.” You can imagine what she meant by that. These risqué jokes are perfect for the generation that grew up watching Full House. We’ve grown up watching Stephanie, D.J., Kimmy, etc. Now we can laugh with them too, with a humor that passes right over childrens’ heads, and hits the adults right in the gut with laughter. Here’s one more from good ole Kimmy: “Of course there will be booze, it’s a children’s party.”

Steph and tommy

Speaking of Kimmy Gibbler, I absolutely am a Gibbler fan this time around! This genuinely shocked me, to be honest. In Full House I couldn’t see her character as anything other than the annoying neighbor. However, with Fuller House I connect with her on another level. I think it’s because she is still just as goofy as ever, and her childish character is something all adults wish to hold on to no matter how old and grouchy they might get. For once in my life I understand why D.J. would have a best friend like Kimmy. On the plus side Kimmy is still stuck in the 90’s with her fashion style, dialect, and all around attitude. I mean who wouldn’t want to live their life in the 90’s, even if it’s the twenty-first century?

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 7.51.00 PM

In addition, the parallels are so well written and planned out. Anyone who watches this can tell that once little Stephanie is now big and bad like Uncle Jesse was in Full House. She is the cool Aunt, whose heart is overtaken by the love of her nephews and sister in need. We can’t forget Kimmy, who is just like Joey with the goofy humor and carefree attitude. Her relationship with Stephanie is so reminiscent of Jesse and Joey’s playful banter back and forth. In the end we know they all love each other and will always bring it in for a family, group hug.

flat,1000x1000,075,fWith all of the positive parts of the show, I’m sad to say there was one negative for me. Well, maybe two. This first one is a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t watched Fuller House, or might have not finished it. This was a scene in where D.J. has her first kiss with the handsome, vet Matt in the pet clinic. For me, it was awkward and poorly directed. I felt that the kiss would have been more passionate and believable if John Brotherton (Matt) took two giant steps closer to D.J. right before he calls her name to come back to him and not leave the clinic. Since this was not done, the scene became dramatic and not in a good way. However, this is just how I viewed the scene. If anything it made me laugh instead of awe. The gif below shows the scene I’m referring to.


Lastly, I mentioned the impressive jokes throughout the show. Unfortunately, there are some bad ones. They happen to be the cheesy one liners that for me, feel forced. This ruins the moment in the show and makes it appear as if they’re trying too hard. For example, the one joke that got to me was when Uncle Jesse and the boys were playing poker, and Uncle Jesse says, “Full House” as he puts his cards down. Jackson responds with his cards saying, “Fuller House”. Now some think this joke is cute, which is perfectly fine! We all have different tastes in humor, but for me this felt as if they ran out of things to joke about and needed to fill the scene with the title of the show. Now, this is not to say that I don’t love the catchphrases and the old characters like Mr. Woodchuck. Because I absolutely do! That’s the nostalgia I need in my life. Those are the classic necessities I need reoccurring in Fuller House.

DJ Steve Make Out

Overall, we were pleased with Fuller House! It’s safe to say we’re both #TeamSteve. We hope you enjoyed binge watching as much as we did. In the end, we all know we’re #TeamD.J. Let us know what your thoughts and reactions were in the comments below!



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