This Week on TV: Feb. 20-26

Get excited, TV lovers! This week we’re back to having TV coverage from both Kayla and Megan. Supergirl had to face serious moral questions while facing off against an alien murderer. The Flash dealt with the repercussions of the trip to Earth-2 while teaming up with Lyla Michaels, John Diggle, and A.R.G.U.S. teams to recapture King Shark. Arrow saw Oliver trying to rescue his son from Darhk with some magical help from Detroit-based superhero Vixen (played by Megalyn Echikunwoke). The Magicians saw the entire cast put through arduous trials. Read on for our full thoughts!

Supergirl 1×15′ “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” (Kayla)

image.pngCat has finally taken action in regards to Kara’s disappearances, and hired another assistant, who immediately becomes competition. Cat has also noticed that Maxwell Lord has officially disappeared, which she wants news coverage on. James confronts Kara for having him locked up, because he’s human. Meanwhile, someone is killing escaped prisoners from Fort Rozz. In an attempt to catch the murderer, Kara gets taken. The murderer turns out to be a former guard from Fort Rozz, who thinks he is serving justice. Kara, along with the DEO, take him down. The situation gives Kara new perspective, and she convinces the DEO to let Maxwell Lord out, under the provisions of “mutual destruction.”

The Magicians 1×6, “Impractical Applications” (Kayla)

imageThis is the episode I have been waiting for! Quentin, along with the rest of the first year Brakebills students, is put on trial. First, with a written/potion test, then with a test of teamwork skills, and finally, with a test of honesty. The third trial involves each student finding a partner, getting naked, and tying their hands together. Only when they share their deepest secrets will the rope unbind. Penny teams up with Kady, and he admits he loves her. Kady admits she’s been using him. Cut to Quentin and Alice. They get drunk, and it helps them open up. As soon as they pass the test, they all transform into swans!

Julia’s storyline starts with her finding another hedgewitch contact who Marina also cast out. Julia and the woman decide they’re going to team up to steal Marina’s spells. Hannah, the woman helping Julia, says she has an inside person, who turns out to be Kady. Once upon a time, Hannah did something awful, Marina cleaned it up, and in exchange, took Kady to do her bidding. Julia and Hannah do succeed in stealing Marina’s filing cabinets, but when they arrive, Hannah is killed by a hex Marina placed on them, leaving Julia without an ally again.

The Flash 2×15, “King Shark” (Megan)

Flash and Diggle chat
This is Diggle’s casual-wear for trips to Central City

Well my prediction that this week’s episode involving King Shark’s escape from A.R.G.U.S. custody would be free of Zoom wasn’t quite true. The events of last week’s episode, and the things that Barry and Cisco had seen in Earth-2, weighed heavily on everyone, as Barry and Cisco (on orders from Wells) initially kept secret all the doppelgangers they had met, and Caitlin mourned the loss of Jay. Diggle and Lyla come to Central City to warn Barry that King Shark has escaped and is coming for him, and Barry teams up with the A.R.G.U.S. teams in figuring out a way to take down King Shark. Barry and Cisco both eventually open up about the Earth-2 doppelgangers. Caitlin assures Cisco that she will never become Killer Frost, but she does need time to grieve in her own way. Joe and Iris comfort Barry about having to witness Earth-2 Joe’s death. After some rocky attempts to bond between Barry and Wally, Joe explains to Wally that Barry isn’t perfect, but he’s had a hard life, which is why Joe and Iris are so proud of the things he’s accomplished. I was really impressed with the way this episode wasn’t afraid to let emotional storylines take the lead, with the action-based storylines fitting comfortably in the back seat, without feeling clunky. The final moment, of course, as The Flash is now going on hiatus for a month, is Zoom on Earth-2 taking off his mask and revealing that he looks just like (maybe is?) Jay. We’ll have to wait until March 22nd to get more answers though!

Arrow 4×15, “Taken” (Megan)

The Green Arrow and Vixen have a serious chat
The Green Arrow and Vixen have a serious chat

Darhk informs Oliver that he has his son William, and will only return him in exchange for Oliver dropping out of the mayoral race. Oliver admits to Felicity that William is his son, and she struggles to handle this information while the team gathers to figure out how to rescue William and take out Darhk. Oliver calls on a superhero from Detroit named Vixen who has a special talisman that allows her to pull on the abilities of any animal she chooses. With Vixen’s help they make one rescue attempt, but are foiled, and Oliver goes ahead and suspends his campaign for mayor. Captain Lance shares information about the idol he had seen Darhk use with Vixen, and they track him down once more, and this time Vixen is able to take and destroy the source of Darhk’s power. Darhk is left powerless, and William decides that the Green Arrow is his new favorite superhero. Oliver sends William and his mother away, asking them to tell no one (not even him) where they are going, and he records a video message to be shared with the boy after his 18th birthday, explaining why Oliver could not be there for him. Thea confronts Malcolm about being the one who had told Darhk about William, just confirming what we already knew: Malcolm is terrible, Thea hates him, but he doesn’t care because his only goal is to keep her alive. After everything, Felicity hands her engagement ring back to Oliver and (thanks to the implant from Curtis) walks out of their apartment. I appreciated Felicity’s claiming of space for herself at the end of the episode, but it made me curious – is she going to go away for a time? Or still be a part of the Arrow team, just broken up with Oliver? I’m curious how this will play out, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the month-long hiatus that Arrow is taking also includes a slight jump forward in time. I guess we’ll find out on March 23rd.

What did you think of these episodes? What shows did you watch this week? Tell us in the comments, Geekettes!


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