Are You Ready For Your Next Pokémon Journey?

It’s official! Pokémon Sun and Moon for the 3DS are going to be available for all to play in late 2016. Some people might say, “Aren’t you too old for Pokémon?” I say you throw down some repel and get those people away from you. We haven’t had a major Pokémon game since 2013, when Pokémon X and Y was released.

These new games are going to be part of the seventh generation of Pokémon games, and will celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary. It’s been announced by Nintendo that Sun and Moon will be available worldwide and in nine different languages. These languages include Japanese, English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Korean and Chinese. Our first sneak peek of the game includes the logos for both games.


Now of course everyone is scurrying around on the hunt for more information on Pokémon Sun and Moon. Information at this point is as rare as a legendary Pokémon. However, there is hope–a master ball to our legendary Pokémon. There is a trailer teaser out there for the 20th anniversary that mentions Sun and Moon. You can check it out here. For a closer look, here is a gif that shows some hints as to what we can expect.


I hope to see traditional, crucial gameplay and settings like the Pokécenter, Pokémarts Gyms, HM moves like Fly and Surf, as well as older generations of Pokémon. In addition, I’d want to keep the caves, forests, deserts, etc. that Pokémon is famous for having. This always makes the gameplay more challenging and makes the player feel as if they are actually out having an adventure. However, I hope to see a reinvented look, like we get a hint of in the gif above. Each generation has added some flare on the buildings and towns, but with Pokémon Sun and Moon I hope it’s even more extravagant. It seems to be going in that direction because we get a glimpse of cars in a snippet of the concept art. I mean, we haven’t experienced cars to a full extent in Pokémon yet but it’s something I would be willing to explore. With a new generation of Pokémon, we have hundreds of new ideas to encounter during the journey along with 3D gameplay. We’ve come a long way from having only 151 Pokémon, but the adventure has been worth it, in any case. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I will always buy the new Pokémon games, because the nostalgia and endless fun are worth it all.

Are you excited for the new game? What are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Your Next Pokémon Journey?

  1. I’m very excited about the game! People have speculated it may be based off of South France, due to clues about Kiloude City in X and Y. Others have said Singapore because of one of the buildings in the concept art. I’ve also seen theories for Spain because of the Horsea flag (the flag of the Mediterranean displays a prominent seahorse), South Africa, or elsewhere in North Americs. The bird Pokemon they were working on in the preview resembles a woodpecker, native only to North America, or a robin. Also just a couple inconsistencies I’d like to point out. Fly and Surf (which should be capitalized, as that’s how the franchise stylized them) are HMs rather than TMs. Also, we know there are cars in the Pokemon universe from as far back as the first game, which had a truck that people thought contained Mew. In RSE, you start off in a moving truck. These vehicles do seem more prominent though from the trailer, so perhaps we will get our own car. There could even by Car Battles in which you can only use fast Pokemon, similar to the Sky Battles of Kalos with only airborn Pokemon. I’ve seen theories that this game might span several regions because the trailer said that, “It all comes together in Sun and Moon.” That would also validate the use of cars.

    1. Thank you so much for your insightful comment! I would love if these new games span several regions. In addition, car battles would be so much fun, especially if the player was able to have their own car. Thank you again for the comment, I have fixed the inconsistencies. I’m glad other players are just as excited as I am!

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