Black Ops III: A Review From A Fan

In my 2016 gaming ventures, I started with Black Ops III to not be disappointed. This game is jammed pack with new plot and story, new characters, and definitely some gory war scenes. Being big in FPS games, I am really excited to share this game with my friends.

The story line is very cool with a new plot. While many fans compare it to the Halo Spartan armor, Treyarch chose to create super humans with cool abilities including hacking nearby tanks and drones, summoning firefly (a burn effect on enemies), and not to mention that you are human so there is still that component in the super soldiers. Yes, this is comparable to Master Chief, being a modified human to wear Spartan armor. However, these themes are quite common in FPS games, especially since most war themes are burned out, including World War II themes. Gamers are having a lot of fun with science fiction story lines and things that involve technology advancement.

The multiplayer is also a blast and does not disappoint. You can still play locally on next gen consoles, which has been unheard of in most games. Black Ops III still allows you to sync up another controller and split screen! For gamers who have purchased next gen consoles, this has been a hassle to try to play split screen with friends. Treyarch listened and gave us the ability to split screen in most game modes, including Zombies and Nightmare.

Black Ops III, along with most of Call of Duty games these days, has a zombie map! And while most are frustrated that it isn’t in the same theme of soldiers from different armies in a crazy mansion, it is still loads of fun! There is a lot of cool stuff in this map that hadn’t been in the other games, including a gum ball machine, some traps, and even scarier zombies. Loads of fun. I have been able to split screen this for hours with my friends and it makes for a much more interesting zombie curse than some of the past games that had it. Treyarch has been building on the cursed zombies for years, making them more advanced and creating very fun and difficult maps that keeps fans busy.


I do agree with some players, that the map known as the Giant should have been made available. This map first appeared in Black Ops I and was the biggest zombie map to date on a Call of Duty game. It was complicated and difficult. The trailer for Black Ops III zombies that was released showed the Giant map, and was misleading that it came with the game. This was a section of the original Black Ops that we all came to love. This map can only be bought with the deluxe edition of Black Ops III, currently standing at about $100 on XBox Live.

The map you do get to play with zombies includes several characters with bad backgrounds and is a lot of fun. They have done horrible things to people in their lives, which allows Shadowman to dump them in Morg City, USA to fend for themselves and fall into traps or outsmart the zombies.

A very cool game mode in Black Ops III is Nightmare. I have only played a portion of it so far, but I am having a lot of fun playing it. It is basically the story line warped into something including the zombies and the apocalypse of the earth. This is definitely my favorite part of the game. This portion has several cut scenes and interesting parts that makes for an interesting play and not just rounds of blowing zombies heads’ off.

Overall, this game has been very fun, and I have a lot more to do in Black Ops III before I move on to Fallout 4. The only disappointment I had was not knowing that the Giant doesn’t come with the game, and that the backgrounds of the Zombies’ characters are not explained unless you watch the trailer.

I am really enjoying this game. What’s your feedback on it? What is your favorite game mode?



About Jenn Kilgallon

I am a millennial professional seeking out good, healthy habits while still committing to my geek life. I am a proud life optimizer, and a spiritual person of many practices. I want to share that with you! "Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you've done learning, bitterness sets in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning's awakening full of potential and cheery portent."-Nick Offerman Geek. Writer. Artist. Genius. Tea Drinker.

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