I FRACKING LOVE COLORING: A Geek Guide to Grown Up Coloring Books

IMG_9441-0With coloring books saturating bookstore shelves, and articles popping up about their calming nature, coloring is clearly gaining in popularity. Hey grown ups! It’s cool to color now! That’s super cool for everyone, whether you believe in the psychology of not, but it’s ESPECIALLY cool for the geeks.

From Disney to Game of Thrones, specific fandom coloring books have been popping up everywhere! These one-time use books range from affordable to fairly expensive. Here are some reviews of the nerdier adult coloring books available:


DisneyArtTherapyBooksThere are four Disney coloring books available for adults right now: Frozen, classic Disney, princesses, and Star Wars. As they’re all made by the same company, they share a common negative trait. They’re all double sided. If you’re coloring with markers, or plan on displaying your art, this becomes super inconvenient.

The Frozen and Star Wars ones are definitely my favorites. They feature lots of patterned pages and are super complex. I didn’t love the other two enough to buy them for different reasons. The classic and princess books both have a lot of black space. They also have big pictures very similar to children’s coloring books. Now, I have nothing against kids coloring books, but if the pictures are similar, I’m going for the $5 one, not the $15 one.

Marvel: Age of Ultron


This is by far the coolest and most original to come out of this whole craze. It’s a comic book version of the story of The Age of Ultron. You color it yourself. Color Your Own Age of Ultron, unlike the other Disney coloring books, features one coloring page on each sheet of paper, a definite bonus in my book!  This one is also super complex.  I’m not sure if that is calming or anxiety inducing.  That one depends on the individual nerd searching for the perfect comic book.

Doctor Who 

DW_ColouringBook1The DW coloring book isn’t out until February. However, there is a video that previews the book and it has some awesome pages! The one that looks the coolest is a profile of the Doctor’s filled with characters. My one concern about this coloring book is that it may not actually be calming to stare at daleks for an extended period of time. One can only hope there’s no weeping angel page!

A Game of Thrones and Outlander


These are two huge series with gargantuan books. Both series contain gratuitous sex. The coloring books fall a little flat compared to their sources. The art is not spectacular, and the “scenes” are incredibly lackluster.


sherlockcoloringpage.jpgWhen I came across this coloring book, my first thought was, “Cheekbones!” Then I realized it’s actually called The Mind Palace. It’s a really neat mix of Sherlock and Sherlockesque art with calming images that one would expect to find in a person’s own mind palace. The art is well done, and it’s a good mix of complex and simple pages.

To get the most bang for your buck, photocopy the pages before you color them. Or check out your local public library! Mine actually loans coloring books (obviously to photocopy).  There are, of course, way more to explore, and definitely more on the way. Even Zenescope, “adult” comic book publishers, have jumped on the band wagon!
Now that grown-up comic books are getting more popular, which fandom do you want to see come out with a coloring book next? Let me know in the comments!

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