This Week on TV: Jan 16-22

Hello TV lovers! The DG’s weekly TV post is back with a slew of superhero shows: ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl. Supergirl featured a new villain with familiar ties. The Flash balanced yet another metahuman against Barry’s crumbling relationship with Patty. Arrow dealt with the mid-season cliffhanger of Damien Darhk’s attack on Ollie and Felicity. Read our complete thoughts below the break!

Supergirl 1×10, “Childish Things” (Kayla)


This episode opens with two security guards delivering a disturbing prisoner his meal. They don’t survive it and the criminal, whose cell is filled with creepy toys, escapes. Cut to Kara and Winn at the office. As the news hits that The Toyman escaped prison, Winn seems to get unusually nervous. To everyone’s surprise (sarcasm), Winn’s father, who we know is in prison, is The Toyman!  The FBI shows up at CatCo to talk to Winn.  He tells them he’s had absolutely no contact with his father.  This is a lie, his father actually somehow was able to drop a creepy toy with a message on Winn’s desk.  Kara convinces Winn that the right thing to do is tell the FBI.  An operation is set up, and Winn is the bait. Of course, the operation goes sour, and Supergirl has to save the day, letting on to The Toyman that the two are pals.

The Toyman then tricks Supergirl to his hideout where he traps her in quicksand.  While she thinks a little girl’s life is at risk, she is able to escape, and save the “girl” who turns out to be a birzarro Supergirl doll.  This is proceeded by Kara and Winn having a heart to heart, wherein Winn fears he will walk in his father’s footsteps.  Kara tries to boost his spirit, and he kisses her.  It is not reciprocated.  He leaves her apartment upset, and ends up kidnapped by his father.

Winn’s father decides that Winn has to shoot a guy at a Toy Convention, and if he doesn’t, bombs will go off all over the convention hall.  Supergirl is able to save the day!

Meanwhile, Kara’s sister Alex and Hank Henshaw make plans to infiltrate Maxwell Lord’s secret lab. Alex goes on a fake date with Max while Hank pretends to be Max, and use his Martian Manhunter powers, sneaking into the lab.  Once inside, the plan goes awry, and Hank may or may not have given himself away to Lord.
The Flash 2×10, “Potential Energy” (Megan)

Patty and Barry

Barry struggles with the deciding whether or not to tell Patty he is the Flash while the team faces off against a metahuman able to absorb the kinetic energy around him (“The Turtle”). There is a clunky plot device moment as it’s revealed this is someone Cisco has known about but not had the time to do anything about. Barry is on the verge of telling Patty the truth when the Turtle attacks, and after seeing how the Flash worked so hard to rescue Patty, the Turtle kidnaps her. Barry rescues her, but later Patty tells him that she is leaving Central City (and he still hasn’t told her his secret!). Meanwhile Joe and Iris try to invite Wally into the family, but things don’t go very smoothly, and Dr. Wells is still trying to secretly help Zoom. In the final moments, Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, returns to the streets of Central City, wondering where he is. I think my favorite plot line in this episode was actually one I haven’t mentioned yet – Caitlin and Jay had some very sweet, quiet moments together where Jay revealed that the loss of his speed is killing him. Caitlin is determined to save him, even though he has lost hope, and these moments were some of my favorite parts of the episode. I also appreciated Patty finally standing up for herself in her relationship with Barry and saying enough is enough – but the decision to leave Central City felt more like a convenient plot device to remove her from the picture and not have her lingering in the background as Joe’s partner. All in all it was a decent mid-season premiere, with a good number of moving parts, and I am very curious to see what drama Thawne’s arrival brings next week.

Arrow 4×10, “Blood Debts” (Megan)

Arrow Speedy and Machin

As Felicity undergoes multiple surgeries, Ollie and company frantically search the city for Darhk. They discover that Lonnie Machin has returned, and Ollie sets him free (after planting a tracker on him) in hopes that he will lead them to Darhk – but it turns out Machin is actually aiming for Darhk’s family. Felicity is left paralyzed from the accident, but Ollie reassures her that he still wants to marry her (though I found the fact that she doubted him both ableist and lacking in believability). Ollie and company save Darhk’s family, but Machin gets away. Darhk tells Ollie he will give him time to be with his family before killing him, in return for saving his wife and daughter. In a flash forward four months into the future, we see Ollie and Barry Allen at a grave, and then Ollie returns to a car where Felicity is sitting. Felicity tells him that he needs to kill someone, presumably Damien Darhk. We’re left with the mystery of who will be in that grave in four months time (I’m betting someone major, like Laurel or Diggle). And if you’re me, some of the biggest excitement is that Felicity being in a wheelchair might finally lead to her becoming Oracle!

What did you think of this week’s episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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