Theater Thursday: BroadwayCon Excitement

It is here, readers! The weekend Theater Thursday has been waiting for–the first ever BroadwayCon! This con is taking place in (of course) New York City, from January 22nd to the 24th.

Somehow the theater gods shined on me and granted my wish of a Broadway fandom centered event, on a very special weekend of all things–my birthday! Praise to the core. And with every new announcement, a smile grows even bigger on my face. So in celebration of such a wonderful occasion, here is a look at what events seem like the “most fun ever” at this inaugural BroadwayCon!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 2.04.00 PM

Dance Workshops

Throughout the weekend, BroadwayCon will offer various classes where you can learn  your favorite taps, swings and steps from your favorite musicals! Ever wanted to “WERK” it like the Schuyler Sisters? What about the famous moves from Fiddler on the Roof? BroadwayCon has got you covered.



Like most conventions, BroadwayCon offers the opportunity to meet your favorite stars from the Great White Way. But unlike most cons, your Autograph charges are included in your admission–so you can meet whoever you want with no extra charge (along with giving to a good cause, since part of the proceeds from BroadwayCon go to help BCEFA!) Wanna get your Spring Awakening cast album signed by Jonathan Groff? What about get a silly photo with Susan Blackwell? Seriously, BroadwayCon will make your fandom dreams come true.

Game Shows

Speaking of fandom dreams, have you ever wanted to see your favorite Broadway talents participate in a game show together? Well, if you are one of those fans (like myself) then BroadwayCon is going to make that a reality but offering not one, but several opportunities to see your favs battle it out in Family Feud, Quiz shows, and other hilarious competitive situations.



Some of you may know that I am a pretty big advocate for a little thing called Broadway Flea Market, an annual event held by the BCEFA for charity, laughs and good cheap finds! Well if you like the Flea, be ready for more epic shopping opportunities at BroadwayCon. That’s right–there is going to be a dealers room of sorts, with tons of booths full of all your Broadway merch dreams. I’m hoping there with be BroadwayCon exclusives, including posters and other art collecting possibilities! (crosses fingers for Sunset Boulevard finds)

Show Specific Panels

Do you have a favorite show? Well it most likely has a panel about it specifically at BroadwayCon. This year, hit shows like Fun Home, Hamilton, Spring Awakening and many others are getting panels completely devoted to them. From classics celebrating anniversaries, to new up and coming productions, there are a lot of show specific panels to choose from. Now if only they could get a Side Show reunion panel in there next year….


Meeting Fellow Broadway Fans!

Since Broadway fandom events are pretty much exclusively the Flea Market and meeting at the backstage door until now, BroadwayCon offers one of the first true fan meet events of its kind. Now you can have a person-to-person conversation with that buddy you made (or argued with) on the Broadway World boards, or interact with your fellow fan friends from Twitter over your love of Carol Channing. Seriously, all this and more can happen at BroadwayCon.

So who is going to BroadwayCon? Yours truly will only be there on Saturday (AKA My Birthday), which is looking to be one of the big days of the convention. Who are you excited to see at BroadwayCon? What panels and concerts are you planning to attend? Comment below and tell us your BroadwayCon dreams!


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