Legends From Aeramis: A DnD Session

In terms of role playing and playing Dungeons and Dragons, I have limited experience. My most recent experiences with role playing included a 24-hour session for charity of a home brew game with some coworkers.

However, a group of friends of mine termed the idea to podcast a game for my boyfriend’s blog that was inspired by Critical Role and several other podcasted RPGs.

My boyfriend, Jeff, came up with this idea that he had been talking about for months that would help teach two newer players (myself, and our roommate’s girlfriend, Victoria) how to play while podcasting it out.

We wanted to try something new that would be on everyone’s regular schedule that could allow us to adventure together as a group, and to have something to talk about with friends. It gave Jeff an opportunity to explore his options for geek blogging, and myself a chance to try something new with people I could trust, and right about it!

The Nacre Amulet: Episode 1

The group includes:

Jeff-The Dungeon Master and blogger for The Nacre Amulet, and creator of all things we will need to face.

James-Playing Camden Ironhand, a human who does most of our socializing and definitely has some secrets. He’s got cool gauntlets, too.

Victoria-Playing an half-elf Ranger named Talia, who has a pet wolf, some crazy visions about bad things happening in the land that I happen to know about, being close to her in character.

“Talia has “suffered”from visions and premonitions for most of her life.  After foreseeing the death and destruction of her home village she fled, living a life of solitude as a bounty hunter.  In recent years she has raised and grown close to a gray wolf named Nova.”-http://criticalshit.org/2016/01/03/3006/

Lowell-Playing Leander, a half-elf cleric. I do not know much about him in character except that he works for the Order and is out to get someone.

“Today he is seeking to destroy the very evil he once called ‘ally’.”-http://criticalshit.org/2016/01/03/3006/

Me-I am playing Evathon Dala, a short elf only described as an Irish Leprechaun without the stereotypical green outfit and goofy trademarking. I am a druid who is very closely tied to nature and a bit of a wild child. I have some understanding of what money is and some social values, but many go over my head, and I am anxious to talk to many people.

farawyr3 (1).jpg
The Nacre Amulet: Episode 1

To summarize, our first journey together included trying to take down manticore, dealing with a money-crazed guy who foolishly was tearing down forest for his logging company, and several workers of the logging company who are being slaughtered by the manticore.

I know Victoria’s character, Talia, very well. However I am still unsure of James’ and Lowell’s character because they have not explained much about their past yet. While Jeff gave a presequel to the game starting, we haven’t gotten to a point where we all fully understand everyone’s motivations. This could lead to some exciting things in the future as well as tension.

In terms of playing, there is a huge dynamic between the players and characters that makes this so wonderful. James, Lowell, and Jeff are all experienced players while Victoria and I are constantly asking questions and looking at the books to make sure we are doing the right thing. We also play our characters pretty well, having a lot of fun with the mysterious Leander, the honorable Camden, the aggressive Talia, and the not so socially adapted Evathon.

It is cool to have newer people playing and podcasting at the same time. When I went back to listen to the first one I critiqued my own playing of my character, and managed to gather notes on how to play better next time. It is also not something you have too often on podcasts. Most of the time you get to hear experienced players play well, and not background questions like “Can I use this spell?” and “How can I use this?” and “Is this information I know because I am connected with nature?”


I am very excited to use this opportunity to become a better Dungeons and Dragons player and hopefully to have plenty of adventure with this. We have such a blast together. I think this is a good chance for me to work on a new hobby and to have fun with something I don’t always do.

Roleplaying is a really cool experience because you have a chance to play something you may not get to be in real life. It gives you a chance to imagine yourself as someone else, and you get an opportunity to play on characteristics that you probably could not in real life. It is also a step away from a reality and a big opportunity to use your imagination. As an adult, this is an amazing opportunity to use my imagination and I am so glad it is happening because I feel refreshed, happy, and more creative after we play.

To listen to episode 1, click the link below.



About Jenn Kilgallon

Greetings Earthling! I am Jeff’s partner in life and in crime, and I am hear to bring you all of the laughter and belches. I am on the Legends From Aeramis podcast, playing Evathon Dala, who is a druid elf wild child, and honestly my spirit animal. But I am also here to write some stuff too and to share things with you that I am excited about! I live in the Boston area with Jeff and our two roommates James (Camden, from Legends from Aeramis) and Victoria (Talia, from Legends From Aeramis), and their cat, Binx. I graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelors of Art in English, and a minor in Zombies. I am a full time administrative assistant for a family owned business, and a part-time theatre technician and carpenter for the local theatre networks in the Boston area. I like lots of stuff from writing, carpentry, reading, and kayaking to fighting zombies, playing videogames, reading comic books, Dungeons and Dragons (obviously), playing board games, and laser tag. I am a person of many hobbies, and I love trying new things. I also eat a ton of sushi and drink a ton of tea. I am so excited to share with you some things I learn about and fun adventures that I get to embark on. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts! You can follow me on Twitter at @Jenn_Kilgallon. I like to share all the fun adventures I am on, send out links to cool topics and information, and take a deeper look into the fun, good things in life. I like to think I sometimes bring new perspective to the table. Let’s chat about all that life has to offer and the great parts of the geek-world. "Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you've done learning, bitterness sets in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning's awakening full of potential and cheery portent."-Nick Offerman Geek. Writer. Artist. Genius. Tea Drinker.

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