Golden Globes 2016: “Cookies for Everyone!”

Last night began the rough and gritty Awards Season. The kick off, as usual, was the Golden Globes, a ceremony honoring who the Hollywood Foreign Press Associate thought was the best in both Film and Television. Many regard the event as more of a booze fest than an actual respected industry celebration, and if ever there was a year that proved that more, it was the 2016 incarnation.


Ricky Gervais was the host, who had previously taken the position a few years ago, but had been replaced by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but somehow Ricky was asked back. Big mistake? Why yes, indeed it was. Now listen, I’m usually not a prude in any sense of the word, and sometimes I find Ricky very funny, but maybe I got so used to the witty and girl power humor of Fey and Poehler, bringing Ricky back just felt like a step backwards – especially when he made jokes aimed at Caitlyn Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence’s fight for equality in her paycheck. Thank god for Kate Winslet’s professionalism during her speech for her Best Supporting Actress for Steve Jobs, because that room need some fresh-non Ricky air, badly.


The rest of the evening was plagued with some of the greatest live television moments of all time – and by greatest, I mean the most “face palm” inducing. From Jonah Hill dressing up as the bear from The Revenant, Jamie Foxx making a Steve Harvey joke during an incredible win for legendary composer Ennio Morricone, and then Quentin Tarantino accepting the award and referring to his affection for the Morricone not being “ghetto” (which shocked Foxx visibly as he repeated the word later on) – and concluding with the now infamous moment of Ricky and Mel Gibson snapping awful zingers back and forth – this night was a hot, stinking, mess.

But, on the flip side, the evening was also filled with good surprises. For one, the much under appreciated Mozart in the Jungle took two awards – Best TV Comedy and Best TV Actor Comedy – proving that Amazon might be giving Netflix a run for their money when it comes to their original programming. Mr. Robot took the much deserved Best TV Drama award, and proved that it isn’t just HBO or the streaming services that are producing quality programming these days. Same goes for Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio for their Best Actress/Actor in a Movie Drama wins for Room and The Revenant, respectively. Both were excellent in their categories, and it was a pleasure seeing them take the stage.


Someone that was also a surprise, but for all the wrong reasons, was Lady Gaga with her win for Best Actress in a Limited TV Series for American Horror Story: Hotel. As someone that considers themselves a big AHS fan, I am of the camp that thinks Gaga has produced some of the worst acting the franchise has ever had, and took a concept that was already hard to stomach and made it almost unwatchable. How she won this award, I will never know – but considering the Golden Globes are famous for inviting celebs just to boost ratings for the telecast, I have to think Gaga’s win was for similar reasons. She is talented, beautiful and has very interesting thoughts about the world – but as an actress? Eh, she’s got a long way to go.

As for the top big film winners of the night, I found myself feeling puzzled. For comedy, Joy took the top prize, which in all honesty makes no sense to me, as I did not laugh once during the new David O.Russell flick. Drama went to The Revenant, which considering the intense filming process and the incredible cast, it deemed to be rewarded. But unlike past years, where I have agreed with the picks, neither of these choices left me feeling excited. But with the awards ceremony that felt more like praising your choice of booze and calling out your fellow friend for their amount of selfies, it is no wonder that the point of the show went out the window as soon as Ricky took the stage.

Well, here’s to the rest of 2016’s awards show. May they be better, and classier, than this joint. Until then, here’s an image of Tarji P. Henson giving out cookies.


(For a complete list of winners, click here.)

So did you watch this year’s Golden Globes ceremony? Were you a fan of Ricky’s hosting skills, or disappointed in this actual lack of laughs? Did you like who won in their respective categories? Did you wish Tarji P. Henson handed you out a cookie? What was your favorite moment of the night? Comment below with your thoughts and ideas!


One thought on “Golden Globes 2016: “Cookies for Everyone!”

  1. I didn’t watch the awards themselves and never do, but I always check out the opening monologue afterwards. I’m not sure I agree with your interpretation that Jervais was making fun of Lawrence for making less money. I think he was joining the bandwagon of people of all genders who thinks it’s important to point out the unfair pay disparity, and to have it come from someone benefiting from it is notable. The same is of the joke about Jenner. He wasn’t mocking her transition or struggles, but rather her dangerous driving, which I think is fair game. I was also surprised that they let him make a joke about the fact that these awards are essentially bought by film companies.

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