This Week on TV: Dec 12 – 18

Welcome back, TV lovers!  With mid-season finales around every corner, our recaps are getting shorter. But never fear! We’ll be back in full swing after the holidays. On TNT’s Librarians, Ezekiel is the only one aware that the team is stuck in a time loop. Can he get the team to take him seriously, or is he doomed to seeing his friends die over and over? And over on the CW, Jane and Rafael are forced to resolve their ending argument from last week for the sake of Mateo.

The Librarians 2×08, “And the Point of Salvation”


IT’S A TIME LOOP EPISODE. TIME LOOPS ARE FUNNY, RIGHT? Well, not for very long in this case. A quantum computer at a DARPA facility malfunctions due to a magical crystal from the lost Atlantis. The team’s investigation keeps looping, but Ezekiel is the only one who remembers. Eventually, he realizes the time loop is actually video game mechanics overwriting reality. They keep reverting to the last Save point when someone in the party dies. John Kim really owned this episode with the variety of emotions he portrayed in Ezekiel, who matures after literally learning from his mistakes. He even ends the game by making the ultimate sacrifice. The others manage to bring him back, but now HE’S the one who can’t remember what they went through.

Meanwhile, Jenkins contacts Puck for information about Prospero. The DARPA event is one of Prospero’s attempts to rid the world of the Librarians before he takes over. His next move, the fey informs us, is RIGHT NOW. Jenkins rushes to tell the others, but fails. Suddenly, the team is gone and Jenkins goes about his business like they never existed.

Jane the Virgin 2×08, “Chapter Thirty” (Meg)

Mateo in line to meet Santa for the first time!
Mateo in line to meet Santa for the first time!

Okay, so this week’s episode begins with Jane being extremely upset with Rafael over getting Michael fired. Which is reasonable, since he had lied about this for six months and was indirectly responsible for Jane and Michael’s “permanent” break-up, and since Luisa’s connection to Sin Rostro was just as much to blame for Mateo’s kidnapping as Michael letting Nadine go was. Throughout the episode, Rafael tries to get Jane to forgive him, and her anger only begins to dissipate after the two of them see a counselor. Considering their circumstances, I feel like Jane and Rafael should see a counselor regularly, but it does seem like this is going to be a one-time thing. Meanwhile, Jane uses inspiration from her own life to write three new short stories in genres with which she’s unfamiliar, after being tricked into doing so by her advisor. His intentions were to force her to work outside her comfort zone and, as such, improve as a writer. Which she did. And that’s another thing that I love about this show: we really see Jane’s development as a writer, and this development is realistic. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her relationship with her advisor develop. In the end, all is happy as the Villanueva family stands around a Christmas tree, and hope is in the air for Jane x Michael fans. Merry Christmas, everyone!

What did you watch this week? Anything we missed?

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