“Star Trek: Beyond” First Trailer Drops

I know it is Star Wars Week at the moment, but I think it is pretty important to mention that today the first trailer for the new installment of another Star related franchise has dropped. And it is definitely something new and refreshing compared to the other trailers released in the past couple of weeks. Here, I present to you the first trailer, for Star Trek: Beyond!

From the get-go, it is pretty easy to see that this is a huge departure from the previous Star Trek adventure in this new continuation of the franchise. We see many familiar faces, but with some new energy. There’s a feeling that reflects the spunk and enthusiasm of the cast, but doesn’t lose the fun and excitement that Star Trek demands. I’ve personally enjoyed all of J.J. Abrams’ takes on the Trek universe thus far. They are far from perfect, but they are definitely better than most reboots of beloved franchises (COUGHTERMINATORCOUGH) in recent memory.

However, Abrams has left the directing chair and handed the reigns to Justin Lin, who you might know from the Fast & Furious franchise. Though many have wondered why he of all people would be allowed to direct a Trek movie, this trailer clearly proves why.

From the jokes (particularly the one with Bones “dying alone”) to Kirk driving a bike through the ruins of a random planet, this looks to be the most ridiculous and most balls-to-the-wall installment in the franchise – and I am okay with that. Yeah, I’m not going to lie to you in saying this doesn’t really feel like a Star Trek movie, but at the same time I’m somewhat intrigued by that. Maybe that’s exactly what Star Trek needs to get the life back into it after Into Darkness drained it.

So what do you think of this first trailer for Star Trek: Beyond? Comment below with your thoughts, favorite or least favorite moments. Are you excited to see the franchise boldly go where it has never gone before? Or do you think this is a complete step in the wrong direction? Tell us all your Trekkie loving feels.


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