Star Wars Week – The Announcement

A not so long time ago, on a site you are currently viewing, there was an exciting announcement to be had. What could that be, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming out in just a little over a week, and you know what that means? DG is gonna celebrate that with a week devoted to Star Wars content galore. Welcome, fellow Jedis and Siths, to Daily Geekette’s Star Wars Week.


Starting December 13th till the premiere of The Force Awakens on the 18th, DG will be spreading the Force love by reviewing each of the films in the franchise, in chronological order. You’ll get our own unique perspective on the films, and we will even be welcoming a new writer, Tania, to the team! Trust me, these are the articles you are looking for.

We also will have a raffle contest going on for some wicked Star Wars prizes, which you can enter by clicking the link below (contest will end on the 20th, with the winner being announced on the 21st!)


All this will be leading up to the big review of The Force Awakens, and much excitement will be had.

So, get yourself excited for Star Wars Week! Which review are you looking forward to the most? Which is your favorite Star Wars movie? Are you going to the opening night of Force Awakens? Tell us your plans! Until then, May The Force Be With You – Always.

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