This Week on TV: Nov 21-27

Welcome back TV lovers. The last quarter of Doctor Who started with a bang with “Face the Raven” as we said goodbye to Clara. There was no Once Upon a Time this week, but The Librarians hit us with some surprise feels. Jane the Virgin gave us the rare Black Friday episode of television. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also took a break, but The Mindy Project showed just how serious things have gotten with Mindy and Danny’s relationship problems.

Doctor Who 9×10 “Face the Raven”  (Caitlin)

The TARDIS phone rings and Clara picks up. It’s Rigsy who was introduced in “Flatline” last series. Clara had given him the TARDIS phone number in case of emergencies. Rigsy has no memory of the previous day and a strange tattoo on the back of his neck that is counting down. After taking some strange readings of him, The Doctor and Clara decide to investigate.

In downtown London, Clara, Rigsy, and the Doctor discover a Trap Street that is hidden in plain sight like Diagon Alley or London Below. There they find a refugee camp for several of the Doctor’s foes all using telepathic human disguises. Lady Me from “The Women Who Lived” is the mayor. She reveals that Rigsy is charged with the murder of one of the street’s residents and the tattoo is counting down to his death.

Clara and the Doctor team up to race against the clock to save Rigsy. They get to the bottom of the mystery and learn that the murder didn’t actually occur, but was a trap for the Doctor. Once Lady Me gets the TARDIS key, she is about to lift the quantum lock when Clara reveals she took it to save Rigsy, without knowing the whole picture.  Unfortunately there is nothing the Doctor nor Lady Me can do to save Clara.  She spends her final moments comforting the Time Lord before accepting her death. At the very end of the episode the Doctor is teleported to  an unknown location as the lead in for the finale.

The Librarians 2×05, “And the Hollow Men” (Brianna)


Wow. Just wow. I was looking forward to this episode because Drew Powell (Butch on Gotham and Hurley from Leverage) was in it. But I was not expecting the feels-punch his character provided. Eve and the other Librarians run into Flynn while trying to reclaim the Eye of Zarathrustra, one of many items that disappeared from the Library. Flynn gets abducted by a man named Ray Glasney (Powell) who has no memories but is obsessed with the Librarians. He’s using the Eye to find the Staff of Knowledge and figure out who he is. While Cassie, Jake, and Ezekiel help Jenkins tend to a dying Library, Eve is forced to team up with Moriarty and follow Flynn’s trail.

Turns out, Ray is the Spirit of the Library, unintentionally separated when Flynn brought it back from the Void. The Staff of Knowledge returns Ray’s memories, but begins to overload him. Moriarty’s fictional status enables him to safely take the staff without dying. Whether he actually brings it to Prospero or uses it to betray his employer remains to be seen. Flynn has a tearful goodbye as Ray dissipates into The Library, and a less-romantic parting with Eve. My only lingering question is the “Men” of the title. Ray is obviously one, but who is the other? Moriarty or Flynn?

Jane the Virgin 2×07, “Chapter Twenty-Nine” (Meg)

The Villanueva's (plus Rafael) vs. Black Friday!
The Villanueva’s (plus Rafael) vs. Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday on Jane the Virgin! To be honest, I expected this episode to fully center on the Villanuevas shopping at Target. However, it actually centered on Jane’s struggles with writing and trying to decide on an advisor at grad school. Though she initially wanted the most popular professor in the department, she ended up choosing Professor Chavez, since she realized that he was the one who provided the most useful notes and would actually help her improve her writing. On the romantic side of things, Jane discovers that Rafael actually WAS the one who turned Michael in (and had asked someone else to do it for him). Hearing this, Jane walks out on him and, apparently, on any chance of the two getting together. So…now that the love triangle is “over,” will we see a new love interest for Jane, or will she take a break from romance for a while? Elsewhere, Rogelio shows how much he cares about Xiomara by putting her career ahead of his pride, and Petra tried to actually become friends with Jane. Before, you know, her mother made her bury the body of the man they killed, ruining all of her plans with Jane.  

The Mindy Project 4×11, “The Lahiris and the Castellanos” (Meg)

Mindy and Danny mid-relationship..squabble?
Mindy and Danny mid-relationship..squabble?

So Danny’s return was great for about five minutes, until I remembered just how frustrating the Danny/Mindy relationship was before he left. Now that Danny’s back home, and able to be a doctor at the clinic, he wants Mindy to go back to being a stay-at-home mom. The situation becomes even more intense when he finds out that she and Jody have started their new egg-freezing business. Though Danny ends up seeing how great Mindy is as an entrepreneur, he tells her that he thinks it would be great of her to continue this, but only as a “hobby” for her to do on the weekends. Which, of course, upsets Mindy, despite her efforts to put on a brave face and act like she’s okay with the situation. This attitude shows Mindy’s character development, and how she’s really willing to make this relationship work because she loves Danny. However, Danny’s desire to force Mindy into a role where she really doesn’t belong makes me wonder when he stopped actually respecting her. Meanwhile, both of the couple’s families try to start planning the wedding FOR the couple. Which leads to some hilarity in the differences between Mindy’s huge family and Annette.


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