Extra Life for Boston Children’s Hospital




This experience gave me the opportunity to try something new. Something I learned in the past year is that I like Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, etc. But that I am not wonderful at them. I had trouble adapting to them and figuring out what kinds of characters I liked to play. I also have to play with certain personalities.

I was nervous to play with five people who I was only acquainted with and I was afraid I’d be so bad that I’d break the game. Surprisingly during the days before hand instead of being the usual stress ball that I am, I spent my time fine tuning my character, my ideas for what I wanted to tell my party, introduce myself, and to better understand the mechanics. I ¬†had such a great time spending all this time on my female elf monk who could summon animals and cross existential planes.

Even though the nerves were there I had made a goal of this year to be open to trying new things and turning them into hobbies, while trying to make friends and spend time doing something with people. This achieved in all corners of my goal. I had such a great time and walked away with a group of people who wanted to regularly meet to play.

I learned that I can be just as creative as a DM in resolving situations and puzzles and that’s exactly what these games are. If you have a good DM who can alter things on short notice and still get you to use your time, you have a good group to run through the adventures with and a DM worth keeping.


The other thing about all of this is that you have a chance to shape a character around who you could imagine yourself to be, use their skill sets to solve puzzles, and have plenty of laughs along the way. In this case, it was a whole new system that the group had made up themselves so it wasn’t a standard DnD game and had to be learned by the players. None the less it was fairly easy to get the hang of, even for the two newbs to RPGs–me and another party member.

I don’t want to get into the details of the story because we’re still going to be playing and I don’t know if I have the DM’s permission, but I am so glad I opened up to something new while supporting a charity.

The last thing I want to point out, is that like any marathon, this took a lot out of me but it left me with a good feeling of “I am ready to do a new hobby, and see how it goes!” I am notorious for not really filling my time with things and spending time with people. I play videogames and paint Warhammer 40k figures when I am in a good mood but most days I make excuses like that I got off work late to do anything. It’s a true test for me to play for 24 hours without really worrying about things or getting too tired to play. It’s even better that I’ve been refreshed to start paying more attention to my hobbies.

Extra life is a wonderful thing for anyone–new players of a game, veteran gamers, etc. and the best part is that you can pick any game, or switch it up as the time goes on.


If you’re interested in donating, I’ve attached my teammate Ryan’s link. You can go there to donate to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Extra Life 2015: Boston Children’s Hospital¬†


There will definitely be more later as I learn about this new part of my life and what I can do to make it a hobby. I am looking forward to spending more time with my teammates and planning Extra Life 2016.


About Jenn Kilgallon

I am a millennial professional seeking out good, healthy habits while still committing to my geek life. I am a proud life optimizer, and a spiritual person of many practices. I want to share that with you! "Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you've done learning, bitterness sets in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning's awakening full of potential and cheery portent."-Nick Offerman Geek. Writer. Artist. Genius. Tea Drinker.

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