This Week on TV: Nov 7 – 13

Welcome back, TV lovers!

In this week’s Doctor Who the Doctor managed to convince the Zygons to stop the war before it began. On Once Upon a Time, we learn Merlin’s history with The Dark One and Emma reforges Exalibur. It’s a family affair on The Librarians when the latest case forces Jacob to reveal his secret life to his old-fashioned father. Britney Spears making a guest appearance is just the beginning of the insanity on Jane the Virgin. Love is in the air on both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Mindy Project, albeit in very different ways. This week on The Flash, Barry and Zoom finally came face to face, while Arrow finally found the missing Ray Palmer. Read on to find out more about what happened in your favorite shows this week:

Doctor Who 9×08 “The Zygon Inverson” (Caitlin)

Clara wakes up in a dream world. She quickly realizes that the TV in her apartment is a window to the world and she can briefly control her Zygon double. She makes Zygon Clara miss the first bazooka shot she took on the Doctor’s plane, giving the Time Lord and Osgood enough time to parachute out before the second shot hits the plane. She even manages to text the Doctor without making her Zygon imposter aware.

Despite the text, the Doctor believes Zygon Clara when she tells him that his companion is dead. The Zygons had already proved they don’t need to keep humans alive once they get information from them. He drives back to London with Osgood where they encounter a Zygon living as a human who was forced to revert to his true nature by Zygon Clara. He is so fearful of the impending war between the species that he kills himself.

The climax of the episode is at UNIT HQ.  It’s revealed there are two Osgood Boxes, one either releases the Zygon Nerve Gas or nuclear bombs, while the other either reveals all the Zygons or reverts them to their human form forever. Kate Stewart and the Zygon Clara both consider using an Osgood Box, but aren’t sure of the consequences. The Doctor makes an impassioned speech about the guilt from the Time War that he’s carried. Thankfully it’s enough to deter both Kate and Zygon Clara, who changes her form to Osgood once the peace is restored.

Once Upon a Time 5×07, “Nimue” (Brianna)

While the rest of the gang infiltrates Arthur’s castle to retrieve Excalibur, Merlin and Emma seek the fire of Prometheus so they can reforge the sword and dagger. Merlin shares his past: he found the Holy Grail and was gifted with magic and immortality, but was willing to give it up when he fell in love with a woman named Nimue. Intending to cut away his gifts, Merlin turned the Grail into a sword, unaware Nimue snuck a sip from the Grail behind his back. When confronted with a previous enemy, she gave in to her newfound power and took a life, becoming The First Dark One. Nimue broke the sword, and Merlin used a tethering spell to create The Dagger.

Emma faces Nimue in her head, wrestling the last spark of fire from her. But the triumph over darkness is short-lived.  Back at Arthur’s castle, Zelena has screwed over the gang by helping out Arthur. She uses Merlin’s own spell to tether him to Excalibur and Arthur’s commands. I saw the Nimue twist coming a mile away, but I still liked the episode. I actually want to know even more of Merlin’s history, like where he was running from when he discovered the grail. I totally bought his relationship with Nimue, and I loved her connection to the Middlemist flowers that have been a recurring motif. Her history also brings up an interesting possibility as to why Dark Emma isn’t shiny like her predecessors: Emma has done some questionable things, but I don’t think she’s killed anyone. If she stays that way remains to be seen, considering she threw a Dark One party in her basement and reunited Excalibur.

The Librarians 2×03, “And What Lies Beneath the Stones” (Brianna)

Jeff Fahey guest-stars as Isaac Stone, whose lies are contributing to the problems with his work site.

With Flynn artifact-hunting, Eve takes it upon herself to investigate The Library’s missing rooms with Jenkins. This forces Cassanda, Ezekiel, and Jacob to work together for the first time since Peru. The disruption of a possible Native American burial ground leads to an unpleasant reunion between Jacob and his father. Isaac has no idea his son is an intellectual genius, and Jake wants to keep it that way. Unfortunately, the monster-of-the-week is Hokolonote, a shape-shifting trickster who draws power from lies. This episode was a bit lighter on the funny than previous ones, which I think has to do with the tense and complicated relationship between Jake and his alcoholic father. But it was a necessary episode, because the team had to air out their post-Peru issues.

Jane the Virgin 2×05, “Chapter Twenty-Seven” (Meg)

"You're TOXIC, I'm slippin' under..."
“You’re TOXIC, I’m slippin’ under…”

Aaaaaand I’m just now realizing exactly how invested in the Michael/Jane dynamic I am and how it might hamper my enjoyment of the show. So let’s start with the good things in this episode: Namely, how well the show has been treating Alba’s journey to attaining her green card. What is especially awesome about Jane the Virgin is how while, yes, Jane is the Daughter, Xo is the Mother, and Alba is the Grandmother, they’re all their own people with unique stories and goals separate from their roles in the family. So this week, Alba needs Xo to clear her past criminal record (?) of shoplifting once several years ago, which leads to shenanigans but eventually encourages the Villanueva women to work together on Alba’s path to citizenship. But the main plot of the episode focuses on Jane and Michael trying to find a time to finally start their life together. Unfortunately, after several near successes, Michael is led to believe that Rafael ratted him out to his bosses as Nadine’s accomplice. Blinded by his rage (and reasonably justified hatred of Rafael), he engages in a physical fight with the guy, which leads to Mateo being physically injured and Jane realizing that she can’t be with someone who can’t get along with Mateo’s father. And my heart is broken, but slightly healed by a shot of all four Villanueva’s cuddling together on Jane’s bed. And then Rogelio has a feud with Britney Spears. Which is completely hilarious and wonderful and just SO Rogelio.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3×07, “Chaos Theory” (Meg)

Andrew "lashes" out. Geddit?!
Andrew “lashes” out. Geddit?!

And again, I keep liking Agents of SHIELD more and more by the week! This week, May deals with the revelation that Andrew is Lash, and Daisy and Coulson try to reconcile their different views on Rosalind’s method of dealing with Inhumans. It doesn’t take long for the rest of the team to figure out Andrew’s secret, and the rest of the episode focuses on the team first “capturing” Andrew, but then trying to decide if they should train Andrew to control his ability (and keep his mind when he changes), or use Rosalind’s method of containing him until a cure for Inhuman abilities presents itself. This entire ordeal brings Rosalind and Coulson closer together until they FINALLY give in to the sexual tension and sleep together. JUST in time for the show to reveal that Rosalind has been working for Ward’s Hydra associates all along. Meanwhile, Fitz and Jemma grow closer as Fitz watches Jemma’s diaries from her time on the alien planet and she reveals that she does, after all, still have feelings for him. They watch the sunrise together, and I prepare to throw myself off a cliff from the feelings.

The Mindy Project 4×09, “Jody Kimball-Kinney is my Husband” (Meg)

Jody and Mindy make SUCH a weird pairing.
Jody and Mindy make SUCH a weird pairing.

Seriously, where IS Chris Messina? Because he’s only had/done about three minutes’ worth of voiceovers in the last three episodes. Anyway, Mindy continues her life as a single parent and finally discovers the world of rich parents and private pre-schools. As such, Mindy spends the entire episode trying to win over the head of admissions at a private school who is unnecessarily judgemental and INSISTS that not only Mindy but also Leo’s father be present at all of the interviews and the open house. And since Danny is still in California, Mindy enlists Jody to act like Leo’s dad for the entire process. Somehow, the private school people love Jody and hate Mindy, but Jody’s charm (?!) wins them over to the point that they’re willing to accept Leo. The entire point of the episode seems to be that private education is overrated, overpriced, and entirely about ranking terrible rich people. A big part of the episode is yet another installment in the ongoing saga of Mindy learning to accept herself as she is, but in a way that implies that from the perspective of all outsiders, there IS something wrong with her. There were a few mildly funny lines, but for the most part the entire episode and private school screening process rubbed me the wrong way (especially as someone who was raised in the private school system from the age of two).

The Flash 2×06, “Enter Zoom” (Megan)

Zoom is legitimately terrifying
Zoom is legitimately terrifying

The team tries to lure Zoom to Earth-1 by having Linda impersonate Doctor Light (the real Doctor Light having escaped), but it backfires. Zoom doesn’t come as quickly at they’d hoped, and so they are unprepared when he does appear, capturing Linda briefly and then beating up Barry and parading around the city with his unconscious body. Cisco eventually manages to hit him with a speed-dampening serum, but Zoom runs away, leaving the team to care for the injured Barry, who awakens to the realization that he cannot feel his legs. Cisco also discovers over the course of the episode that the reason Wells has been trying to help them is because Zoom captured his daughter. This was an episode that started out very funny, with Linda trying to masquerade as Doctor Light, but ended up taking a very dark turn. With probably no more than four episodes to go until the winter hiatus is here, I’m excited to see how this darkness plays out.

Arrow 4×06, “Lost Souls” (Megan)

The Two Canaries
The Two Canaries

Felicity finally manages to communicate with Ray, but quickly finds out that he is being held by Damien Darhk. In a fantastical plan that magically manages to work out, the team breaks into Darhk’s hideout, restores Ray to normal size, and gets out again. Curtis even comes along, as he is the one who builds the device allowing Ray to be restored to full size. Sara also continues to struggle with the blood lust, and decides to leave town to learn how to control it. Felicity and Oliver are fighting a lot in this episode, as she struggles with guilt over Ray having been alive and imprisoned this whole time, and Oliver thinks inviting her mother to town will help (it doesn’t). I enjoyed watching Felicity deal with her internal emotional conflict during this episode, but I also spent most of the episode wanting to yell at her for taking out what seemed to be a lot of guilt on people who weren’t responsible for it. After the intensely dark turn The Flash took this week, Arrow felt almost calm.

What did you think of this week’s episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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