Melissa’s First Rhode Island Comic Con

This past weekend, I got the chance to attend Rhode Island Comic Con. I frequent the convention scene as often as my job will allow, however, this was my first time venturing to the Rhode Island con. If you want to read about Bri’s experience as press, check out her convention overview.

To make things very clear, I was not going into the convention with a press pass. The line to enter the convention on Saturday was one mile long (yes, you read that correctly), and it took an hour and a half to actually enter the building. The convention center only had one entry point, which was an issue from last year that was supposed to be fixed. To make matters worse, I was separated from the other half of my group, AKA Bri. I was unaware that there was another building that held the convention. The app that Rhode Island Comic Con put out was not very helpful. The maps provided on the app were too small to see any detail and there was no option to zoom.

Once my group finally reorganized, the convention was fun. Seeing all of the amazing artist booths and interacting with the cosplayers was so much fun: it is one of my favorite things to do during conventions. To see my favorite cosplayers from this weekend, head over to Daily Geekette’s Instagram and check out #HarleyTakesOver for all of the fun.

That time I met Jim Beaver
That time I stole the Impala

The celebrity guests that I came across were very kind and genuinely interested in the people that came to see them. Will Friedle, you may know him better as Eric Matthews (**cough** Plays With Squirrels **cough**), refused to be rushed when his handler told him his time was up. Friedle stated, “These people have been waiting hours to meet me,” and continued his signing. He asked everyone their name, shook their hand, and had an actual conversation with each person at his table.

So, I met Will Friedel.
So, I met Will Friedle.

I met Lori Petty of Tank Girl and A League of Their Own fame. She was cool people. Lori is extremely relaxed and amazing. Her table had no barricade to form a line, so there was no issue just walking up. The same went for EG Daily, aka the voice of my childhood. If you  don’t know who she is, please educate yourself IMMEDIATELY! EG was everything I hoped she would be and way more. The photos she and I took together were funny. I expected only one, and I got a bunch. We talked a bit about 31, Rob Zombie’s latest horror movie that I am eagerly anticipating, and the impact of social media.

EG Daily and I
EG Daily and I

Lastly I encountered Jim Beaver, Bobby Singer from Supernatural.  Jim was a late addition to my list of people I had to meet (not because he was low on my list, it was seriously a money issue).  Jim did something unusual: he refused to have people pay for table photos with him. The only other person at the convention I knew of not charging for that was EG Daily. Well, I had to get a picture with him. He was very nice and happy to meet fans.

That time I met Jim Beaver
That time I met Jim Beaver

I know I mentioned earlier about the apps shortcomings, but there were a few more. Some of the big name celebrities did not have their table location updated at all. I happened to pass by most of them. I will give credit where it is due, announcements were executed without issue on the app all weekend. As for the inner workings inside the convention, the volunteers were extremely nice and were very eager to help, but they had no information to give. The crowd control in the celebrity area needed better planning. For full detail, read Bri’s article.

Overall, the convention a great experience and I will definitely consider going again next year. What do you think? Did you go to Rhode Island Comic Con and have similar experiences? Comment below and share.

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