Theater Thursday: Top 5 Reasons Why Dalin Is Freaking Out About Alan Cumming’s Concert

In case I haven’t explained this enough in the past, I’m a little tiny bit in love with Alan Cumming. Why? Oh dear lord, there are so many delicious reasons. So with the announcement of his new Carnegie Hall concert in February, I thought I’d write a little list/love letter to my favorite musical man. And trust me readers, there’s a lot to love, and narrowing it down to five things is really difficult. But, here are my five reasons why I am ridiculously excited for the Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs With Friends concert.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.47.31 AM

5) The Amazing Catalog Of Possibilities

One of the great parts about Alan’s live shows is that he likes to sing an amazing range of tunes. From old standards to current rock ballads, even Disney classics, Alan has done them all and then some. Of course, if Alan somehow snuck some Hedwig into the list, I think I’d die a little inside. But considering the title of the concert, there aren’t too many “sappy” numbers from that particular show. And Alan has been known to pull out the stops with some Liza and Judy numbers, so maybe we’ll get something in that area too. Either way, the possibilities are endless.


4) He Might Cover Avril Lavinge

While doing my research on Alan’s new concert series, I noticed one particular song had popped up on his set list: “Complicated.” Yeah, THAT one. The fact that of all people, Alan Cumming would cover an Avril Lavinge song (especially one of her earlier hits) is hilarious and amazing at the same time. And though I usually have a hatred of most of Avril’s catalog, this intrigues me. I’d love to see what kind of unusual selections Alan will make, and if he does another Avril cover, I might just cry a happy tear of bizarre nostalgia.

3) The Special Guests

If you didn’t know from Twitter and the like, Alan has a lot of super cool celebrity friends, some of which are also musically talented. And with his big NYC show, he is definitely bringing on a few to help him along in the show. So far, Darren Criss and Ricki Lake (of all people) will be making some appearances. I really hope one or the both of them do duets, particularly I’d love to see if Darren and Alan can do a girl and boy type ballad together, maybe one on the cheesy side. There seem to be promises of other guests making some stops by Carnegie Hall, so maybe we’ll get Rufus Wainwright? He’s a regular there and Alan loves covering his songs.

Oh and by the way….

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.56.46 AM

2) Did I mentioned Chita Rivera?

Though of course, I am excited for Alan, the other aspect of this concert I am just as excited for is knowing that my love, and the queen of Broadway, Chita Rivera, will be present. When I heard this announcement, I said out loud, “Is this real life?” This is like the Broadway musical fan fiction I wrote as a teen about all my favorite musical people being in one place. This is the combo that I’ve talked about when asked at a dinner table, “Who would be your dream concert?” I would always include these two, together, in that answer. Yeah, as you can tell, this is beyond exciting, and if somehow these two cover a song from Kiss of the Spider Woman, I might just fly up to the clouds peacefully.



There’s a lot I can say regarding what I love about Alan Cumming, but I’ll try and boil it down as best as I can. Alan is a unique kind of person. He’s not particularly “traditionally” handsome, nor is he any sort of classically trained opera singer. Instead, Alan is himself, in every way possible. He’s brash and speaks his mind unapologetically. He doesn’t care if people agree with him and his lifestyle choices, including his sometimes feminine aspects. He is unashamed of who he really is, and that is a beautiful thing to see. It’s a trait I’ve tried to adopt in my own mind, to better my self confidence. All this, plus the sparkle in his eye, makes him really hard not to fall for.

So, are you going to the Alan Cumming Carnegie Hall show? What are you hoping he sings, or  chooses to duet with Chita and his other guests? What Broadway/Musical stars do you wish you could see in concert? Have you seen any of them, or just in your dreams? Tell us all your feels in the comments below. 

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