Finding Dory: First Trailer

Find your exit buddy and prepare for a wilder ride than the East Australian Current: the Finding Dory trailer is here! For over two years, I’ve had a theory about the plot of this movie, and I think my theory is coming true!

I was thirteen when Finding Nemo came out, and I was kind of obsessed with it. Recite-the-whole-movie obsessed. So when a sequel about everyone’s favorite blue tang was announced, I had one all-consuming theory. Do you recall Dory explaining her condition to Marlin after she forgets him the first time?

“I have short term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least, I think it does….Hmm. Where are they?”


Finding Dory is going to answer that question! I’m writing pretty calmly about this at my desk, but trust me, I am geeking out inside!

I actually just spoiled myself on some details of the movie by glancing at the wikipedia page, but I will try to spare you the same ruin. Approximately six months after the original film, Dory is sleep-swimming. Nemo’s concerned, but Marlin just wants to go back to bed. Unfortunately for the clown fish, he won’t be getting too much rest any time soon. Dory is beginning to remember parts of her past–namely, the fact that she has a family out there somewhere. She sets off on a quest to find them, accompanied by Marlin and Nemo.


This answers one question about Dory, but will the film answer others? Like, where Dory learned to speak Whale or how to read? Did she get separated from her family or did they actually abandon her because of her memory condition? WHY IS SHE SLEEP-MUMBLING “Mommy, don’t cry”?!

Finding Dory features the return of Ellen Degeneres as Dory and Albert Brooks as Marlin, with Hayden Rolence taking over the role of Nemo. We can also expect to see some of The Tank Gang again, as well as some intriguing new characters: a cranky octopus named Hank (Ed O’Neill), a beluga whale named Bailey (Ty Burrell), and Dory’s parents voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy! Also on board are Idris Elba and Dominic West, but their characters have yet to be announced.

A sneak peek of Ed O'Neill's Hank
A sneak peek of Ed O’Neill’s Hank

Finding Dory hits theaters June 17, 2016. That’s six months and a week from now. I’ve already done twelve years of waiting. I think I can get through half of one more….

Just keep swimming, right?

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