Legendary Pictures Drop First “Warcraft” Trailer

Back in the day, I used to play a little game called Warcraft. Though I shortly gave up on the game, as my parents deemed it “too addictive” for my young self, I still found the world at least interesting to look at from a far. Now, many years later, it seems a trailer for the first ever Warcraft movie has officially dropped into the laps of the internet. And man, does it peak my interest.

Right off the bat, let me say that this is a world (visually) I like a lot. But, like Cher in Clueless would say, some of this is a bit of a “Monet.” From far away it looks real pretty, but up close its a big old mess. For example, the scene in which Lothar jumps onto the Griffen like creature is stunning, and on the opposite side, a lot of those forest scenes look very green screen, and I ain’t talking about the color of the CGI grass.

But what does look great are the Orcs, who I definitely dig from the moment they enter the frame. Garona (Paula Patton) is easily the most interesting looking of the bunch, but unfortunately seems to be the only female character that makes a true appearance in this trailer. Where my ladies at, Warcraft?  Hope over the next couple of trailers, we get some more girl power in there, especially considering that there is a decently big female fan base for these games.  But judging by the IMDb listing, there aren’t too many girls in main roles to be mentioned.

There also clearly seems to be a romance between Lothar and Garona, which I really hope isn’t that big an aspect of the story, nor of Patton’s role in the film. I sense shades of the Hobbit in here (if you know what I mean), and I don’t like it.

Needing a bit more magic (aka Medivh) and variety, this first Warcraft trailer is playing it on the safe side. Though not a bad first try, Warcraft has yet to really grow on me as a new movie franchise. But maybe, just maybe, this could be the movie to make video game adaptations actually get the respect they deserve. Or this could be Dungeons and Dragons all over again. Only time, and our future ticket purchases, will tell.

PS: I can tell you for a fact I’ll be there opening day. Why? Clancy Brown is in it (as Blackhead). And he’s an American treasure, forever and always. #TeamClancy

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.48.29 PM

So what do you think of the Warcraft trailer? Like or dislike? Alliance or Horde? Not enough for you, or everything you’ve ever dreamed? Comment below and tell us all your feelings about this new franchise coming in 2016. 


One thought on “Legendary Pictures Drop First “Warcraft” Trailer

  1. Garona and Lothar’s love story is important. It’s part of what keeps the Horde and Alliance from completely destroying each other.

    In the games, Garona was thought to be a half-orc, though later it was discovered her “human” half was actually a Draenei (human-like natives of Draenor who are in fact the same race as the Eredar Warlocks).

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