Quotable Fandom: Leverage

When you love something, be it a book, TV show, or movie, you inevitably end up quoting it.  This week, I’m sharing five of my favorite Leverage quotes with you all. I stuck with primarily humorous ones, but if you’ve got better ones in mind, I’d love to hear them!

5. “Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?” (1×07, The Wedding Job)


When a mafia boss’s daughter gets hitched, the team uses the wedding preparations as a smokescreen to track down hidden money. When their cover is blown, chef Eliot faces off against an assailant in the kitchen and makes good use of his environment. Nate’s inquiry is made all the better by Eliot’s reply of “I dunno, maybe.”

4. “These slow, giant agencies you mock were designed by very smart people.”/ “So was the Titanic.” (5×09, The Rundown Job)


Adam Baldwin guest-stars for a second time as Colonel Vance, an old colleague of Eliot’s. Vance is known for assembling unique special force teams for counter-terrorism operations. When he’s cut off by the Senate, he enlists the Parker, Hardison, and Eliot to track down a biological terrorist threat.  To be fair, his smart-aleck smackdown really didn’t help his argument.

3. “Never before has a production of the Sound of Music made me root for the Nazis.” (2×01, The Beantown Bailout Job)


Poor Sophie Devereaux. The most talented actress the world has ever seen, but only when she’s conning people. When the team parts ways after season one, Sophie reunites them to see her in a musical. Just as they try to console her after a horrible opening night, Parker reads an online review to the actress’s dismay.

2. “No stabbing Wednesdays, new tradition.” (4×03, The 15 Minutes Job)

This Hardison quote is only funny because of Parker’s development. Back in season one, her first attempts at flirt-grifting went awry and she stabbed a Serbian kidnapper. “Don’t stab” became her mantra  in season three when she had to charm someone. Finally we see her successfully grift a mark and Hardison awkwardly tries to support her excitement. (Many thanks to Renew-Leverage for the gifs!)

1. The Boy Scouts and the Church: “Because it is, if not a faith-based organization, not entirely secular.” (4×14, The Boys Night Out Job)

So my numero uno quote is actually part of a larger exchange, and it’s not even between two main characters. In “The Boys Night Out Job,” Nate and former mark Hurley are on the run from Irish mobsters. They find sanctuary in a church, prompting this glorious dialogue between their trackers.

I’m just realizing I didn’t put anything from season three, so I know I’m missing other great quotes. When you think Leverage, what quotes  come to mind?

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