The Gal-lery: A Geekette Halloween costume flashback!

As Halloween approaches as quickly as a banshee on a brisk October breeze, people are getting ready for a night full of candy, parties and, of course, costumes!

A panda... that is also a vampire! Why not dream big this Halloween?
A panda… that is also a vampire! Why not dream big this Halloween?

The Geekettes are no exception to this annual celebration of the spooky. Last October, we shared an array of costumes past, present and future. This year, we wanted to treat (never trick!) our readers to an adorable retrospective of some of our favorite costumes from our childhoods!

Let’s kick this digital walk down memory lane with a look at a couple of lil’ devils: Julia and  Carly:

The O'Connell twins and teacher; 4th grade.
The O’Connell sisters and teacher; 4th grade.

As editor and writer Julia noted, “We did the whole matching costumes thing throughout most of our childhood,” although she admits to being unable to differentiate between she and her sister.

Next, contributor Amanda volunteered a couple of cute costumes. Her princess costume “was inspired by Cinderella, [but] I had the polka dots and those hard, plastic, princess shoes. I eventually had to take them off because my feet hurt so bad (which my mom warned me about).”

A stylish 4-year-old Amanda in her rendition of Cinderella.
A stylish 4-year-old Amanda in her version of Cinderella.

Amanda also shared a picture of her five-year-old-self as The Wizard of Oz‘s Dorothy. “This was one of my favorite costumes, because I even had a basket with a stuffed Toto! I was excited because I was allowed to wear make up so I felt super fancy!” She regrets the iconic ruby slippers aren’t in the photo: “I lost them the next day and cried about it for the whole day!”

Cinderella and Dorothy: A shoe theme?
Cinderella and Dorothy: A shoe theme?

In an adorable coincidence, contributor Deanna also shared a Dorothy picture. “I loved The Wizard of Oz as a little kid, and I loved singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow“, so that is why I wanted to be Dorothy.” As a bonus, her sister Kayla — another of the Daily Geekette’s writers and Co-Editors-in-Chief — is in the background as Queen Amidala of Star Wars!

The Farber sisters doing Halloween right!
The Farber sisters doing Halloween right!

Addtionally, Deanna shared a stinkin’ cute photograph of her three-year-old self as Pooh Bear:

Sweet as Hunny!
Sweet as Hunny!

Co-Editor-in-Chief and contributor Dalin was in the pink with her Halloween costumes! The first is a picture from approximately 3rd grade. Dalin recalls: “I wanted to be a secret spy, like the girls in Austin Powers. Not sure why I wanted that, maybe because I thought Liz Hurley was funny and a kick butt lady. Also, maybe I sensed then how cool it was that Austin didn’t take advantage of the ladies he had with him. Supporting awesome ladies in cinema from an early age!’

A mod Agent Rowell on the Halloween scene!
A mod Agent Rowell on the Halloween scene!

Additionally, Dalin shared another character favorite with us! “Sakura from Sakura Taisen was my hero as a tween. She reminded me of myself, was optimistic, piloted a mecha in the turn of the century, and was into musicals. Yep, totally my kind of hero!”

Dalin's own wonderful Sakura creation!
Dalin’s own wonderful Sakura creation!

Editor and frequent TV contributor Brianna is a featured creature in this dragon costume. “I remember accompanying my older cousin to school, and I was really excited to show off my costume to all the older kids. At first I didn’t want the face make-up, but I got frustrated that everyone kept mistaking me for a dinosaur. At five and a half I was already dedicated to correcting people!”

Most definitely NOT Barney
Most definitely NOT Barney

Gaming contributor Jenn  cuts a cute Simba in this picture of she and her older sister. Jen explains: “I was probably 5, and my sister was 12. She’s the ghost and I am Simba. Her name is Kate and she is a huge part of my life and my role model.”

Another sweet sister Halloween duo!
Another sweet sister Halloween duo!

Lastly, here is a picture of yours truly, DG’s costume and fashion contributor. Circa first grade, I’m accompanied by Minnie Mouse (my best friend from elementary school in a perennial favorite), and showing off my flapper costume. I don’t actually recall asking to be a flapper, or if I even knew what a flapper was at age six, so I’m pretty sure this ensemble was an invention of my parents’ imaginations.

Lex as the youngest and most clothed flapper in the history of ever.
Lex as the youngest and most clothed flapper in the history of ever.

I DO know that, as far back as I can remember, that I looooooved to play dress-up, and I’m pretty certain that most of what I’m wearing is from the ‘dress-up’ basket. Every year, the local elementary schools did a costume parade for a few blocks around the school, that that was when my parents snapped this picture!

What fond memories do you have of Halloween? Have a favorite childhood costume? Let us know all about in the comments below!


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