Literature-Themed Halloween Party Ideas

So you want to throw a themed Halloween party this year, but you want something a little more sophisticated than Cops and Robbers or less cliché than Angels and Devils? Why not turn to literature for some inspiration? Here are some book-themed party ideas that you are welcome to borrow:

  1. masqueofthereddeath_black_room_by_pimpdaddyhetzerAn Edgar Allen Poe-themed Party. You could go the classic route and decorate with ravens everywhere, or go a little more obscure and hold your own Masque of the Red Death. All you need to do is decorate each room in a different color, and invite guests to come in masquerade masks. You could also provide some on-theme beverages such as the Raven, the Edgar Allen Poe,  or just Poe’s personal favorite: brandy. Lastly, dramatic readings of each person’s favorite poem or short story would not be out of place at such a party.
  2. So everyone and their frat brother have already thrown a Greek mythology party, but what about the wealth of other mythologies out there? Throw an Arthurian Legend Party to delight your Renaissance Faire-goers and history nerd friends. Decorate your party space like Camelot with coats of arms, banners, and a long feast table. Guests can come as Knights of the Round Table, Lady Guinevere, the Lady of the Lake, or Merlin. You can send your guests on quests by arranging a scavenger hunt throughout the house, with the final prize, of course, being the Holy Grail.medieval party
  3. A Come as Your Favorite Author Party. This is best done with a circle of friends who share your geekiness for literature, or else no one will recognize each other’s costumes. If your person of choice is not easily recognizable, recite quotes from their works until the others figure out who you are, or just carry a copy of your most famous book. Imagine what these disparate idols would say to each other if they had a chance to convene at a party, as you sip some of these famous authors’ favorite refreshments. Some costume-worthy authors include: Shakespeare, George R.R. Martin (buy a Santa beard!), Jane Austen, Homer (wear a toga), Neil Gaiman, or really anyone if you are creative enough!
  4. Chairman Meow’s Birthday Party from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. The host gets to dress as Magnus Bane (lucky you!) with golden eyeliner and gallons of hair gel. The guests can come as Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, etc.) or Shadowhunters (looking better in black than the widows of their enemies since 1234. Don’t forget the runes!). Decorate with glitter everywhere. Bonus points if you actually have a pet cat to preside as the guest of honor.
  5. Deathday PartyA Death Day Party from the Harry Potter series. This is a little more specific and a little less cliché than having a generic HP-themed party. Celebrate your Halloween just as Harry did in book 2 by commemorating the death of a ghost. Guests dress as ghosts, preferably specific ones mentioned in the book: Moaning Myrtle, the Bloody Baron, the Grey Lady. Serve a grey, tombstone-shaped cake with either Nearly-Headless-Nick’s name or your own written on it in black icing. Play games in the spirit of the Headless Hunt, such as juggling contests and bowling.

Are you going to try any of these ideas? Do you have literary party ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!



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