My First Destiny Raid: A Testament To The Destiny Community

For a few posts I reviewed the game, Destiny, made by Bungie. However I always felt like I wasn’t part of the community nor was it fair for me to review because I did not complete Destiny raids. I’d never participated on a fire team of six to complete the whole thing and participate in the mechanics. Now I finally have! And I did the Taken King’s raid with Oryx as the enemy.

Oryx. The Taken King. Destiny. 2015. Bungie.
Oryx. The Taken King. Destiny. 2015. Bungie.

First things first, unlike some of the things we’ve heard from online gaming, I played with 5 guys who did not treat me any different even though I am a female, which is a total plus to the Destiny community. While this type of gaming I am referring to is rare, it does happen, especially in FPS styles and headset conversations. I am glad I was able to talk on headset without feeling uncomfortable and being able to play with a nice, welcoming group.

However, an even bigger plus is if you’re looking for another person to play, there are so many resources to contact people, including the Subreddit for Destiny,and even through its own phone app.  Another thing about these posts is that you can specify what you’re looking for. My boyfriend specified that 3 of the players were new to the raid and hadn’t done it before. We managed to get two very patient people and when one of them had to leave, we got a third patient person to explain the mechanics and what we should do.

Outside of the communal side I thought this raid was very fun and very challenging. Ever since Taken King has come out I worked really hard to level up nicely, and kept trying to get drops for gear. It’s been a blast being able to see what you get from the raid; I got two exotics!

Destiny. Bungie. 2014.
Destiny. Bungie. 2014.

The big struggle with raiding is that you either have to understand mechanics really well or play with people that do. Most gamers do know mechanics, but I am one of the few that does not. To me, it’s a challenge to figure it out, then do it however I see is best. So it may not fall in perfect line with “Everyone needs to be on certain platform at a certain time.” The other thing about this is that you’d need to know how to do it, you can’t just puzzle it out like you can with other games. There’s not that many hints and many people doing the raid admit to watching Youtube videos first. So someone has to run through this meddling with the mechanics to find out what the right way to do it is.

There is a lot of platforming and jumping on things at certain times, and standing in your bomb, etc. These parts are very hard especially for three people new to the raid. For me, they are especially hard. I am not wonderful at platforming, so the two big platforming parts were nearly impossible for me.

A big story line issue for me is that everyone at the tower thinks Oryx is dead—you have to know he isn’t. He spawns out of the strike when you get him to low enough health. So this makes me question—did we lie when we came back to the tower? Did we keep silent about what we saw? Or did we truly believe he was dead ourselves? This is a huge question that I hope they answer soon because the fact is—you see him leave and the whole raid is based around killing Oryx—how does everyone think he is dead? These questions being left unanswered bother me in regards to the story.

Oryx. The Taken King. Destiny. Bungie. 2015.
Oryx. The Taken King. Destiny. Bungie. 2015.

This part of the game is so fun and so much work that it is exhausting. I want to commit to doing more raids but I think I will on the weekends. I found it super challenging but I really appreciate the fellow players who took the time to explain everything and how it works, and what we will achieve by completing it. Destiny’s community is among one of the best I’ve played with because of the player support, friendships, explanations, and blatant “no judgment” zone that happens when you enter the game. While I struggle to understand the mechanics, and I want answers to my questions, I had such a great time meeting new people to play with and learning that I can do a raid pretty well when I try. Needless to say I am still very addicted to this game, and I am having a blast trying something new here.


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