Giant Monsters, Oh My! – Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures Announce Giant Monster Cinematic Universe, Starring Godzilla and King Kong

In 2014, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures teamed up to bring The King of the Monsters, Godzilla, back to the big screen. The results were mostly successful, and gave both companies  the green-light to continue with their collaboration in creating more Monster Movies – and not just any creature features, ones that would all be linked in a shared universe. Yeah, that’s right, Godzilla and Universal’s King Kong, along with a ton of other famous Kaiju, are gonna be part of one cinematic saga.

A Pretty Accurate Photoshop Of Future Movies

 In a press release, the two companies proclaimed:

“Warner Bros. and Legendary released Godzilla in May 2014 with an agreement to release Godzilla 2 on June 8, 2018. Both films feature the human Monarch organization. Shortly following Legendary’s pact with NBC Universal, Legendary acquired rights to additional classic characters from Toho’s Godzilla universe, including Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. This paved the way for developing a franchise centered around Monarch and anchored by Godzilla, King Kong, and other famous creatures.”

So what does this mean?

For those that have already forgotten about 2014’s Godzilla, let me break it down for you. In the movie, Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), worked for a secret organization–Monarch– that was responsible for researching the existence of what essentially are Kaiju. Think of them as a monster-focused S.H.E.I.L.D, if you will. Throughout the film, there were clues to the possibility for other creatures to live within the world of Godzilla and MUTO, including a very obvious reference to Mothra. This is the connective thread that will tie together these new films, which I’m assuming means a lot more scenes for Watanabe and his co-star Sally Hawkins to chew on.

Breaking Down The Possibilities

The first movie in this new series will be 2017’s Skull Island, starring (last week’s featured article star) Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and a collective of other stars. The film “will fully immerse audiences in the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island. ” (SOURCE)  But the question is, when will the film take place? According to most rumors, it sounds like the film will be set in (of all places) Detroit, 1971, creating a “distinct timeline”. I’m assuming this era was chosen since the second remake of Kong was produced in the 70’s, as a sort of odd ball tribute.

Personally, I hope that this describes the early beginnings of Monarch, maybe as their own sort of Captain America/Agent Carter-like period piece story. Even though the group really began closer to the late 40’s, maybe these disco-era explorers are the first ones to eventually discover other Kaiju, and maybe they have some connection to Sally Hawkin’s character in Godzilla. Heck, we don’t even know Tom Hiddleston’s character’s name yet. Hmmm…. hmm is all I shall say, or at least fangirl guess.

As for the other two films, Godzilla 2 and Godzilla vs. King Kong, there really isn’t too much to say, aside from speculation. My hope? That G2 features an epic brawl between him and his greatest rival –and my favorite Kaiju of all time– King Ghidorah. I don’t care what the plot surrounding such a fight could be. Just to see my two favorite monsters go at it in fully, beautifully-rendered CGi battle would be a dream come true. But, maybe he’ll make an appearance in the later mash-up centered film. Who knows at this point? But, until I get a Godzilla vs. Gamora movie (yes, THAT Gamora), I’ll take whatever dreams I can get.

Dalin’s Top 5 Other Toho Kaiju That Deserve To Be In This New CU

5) King Caesar


Look at this guy. Honestly try and tell me why you wouldn’t want him in this Cinematic Universe? Like King Kong and Godzilla, he’s the king of an island. He has a princess from said island, wake him up via song, and he’s got one of the most interesting designs in all of Kaiju history. Bless Caesar, always.

4) Gigan


Next to Ghidorah, Godzilla’s greatest archenemy is definitely Gigan. This hook-handed, one-eyed baddie is the prime example of an evil Kaiju. He’s got the look, the legacy, and even the moves. He definitely gave me goosebumps as a kid, and I’d love to see him make his turn in these new movies.

3) Baragon


One of my favorite underrated Kaiju is Baragon. This little horned dude keeps getting shifted to the side whenever he is set to star alongside The King of the Monsters. In the very movie where he’s part of the title, he gets pushed out of the way for the other more beloved monsters. What if he’s one of the most powerful of the Toho creatures, and we just don’t even know it? Come on, Legendary, give Baragon a chance!

2) Mecha Godzilla


How can I make such a list without including the greatest monster inspired mecha of all time? Mecha Godzilla has been a countless player in the Godzilla franchise, always returning when you least expect it. What if Monarch can’t handle the monster they believed to be so friendly, that helped them battle MUTO? Maybe they create this mecha giant to help Godzilla defeat King Kong? Either way, Mecha Godzilla needs to make an appearance. Somehow, someway. And maybe this will lead to a stupid excuse for a Pacific Rim x Godzilla crossover. Just sayin’, Legendary, just sayin’.

1) Jet Jaguar 


Okay, I know I am never going to get a full-on Jet Jaguar movie. Pacific Rim was the closest I’m ever going to get to that dream coming true. But maybe there is a little part of me that hopes somehow I can get Legendary to recreate, in full 3D IMAX glory, what I believe to be the greatest Kaiju battle move of all time. And because Jet Jeguar was part of said sequence, I feel it is necessary for him to be involved. And if that leads to a Dub Step remix of his theme song, I’d be incredibly over the moon.

So, are you excited for this announcement? Who are you a bigger fan of, Godzilla or King Kong? Is there one movie you’re more excited for, or is everything about this new CU sound awesome to you? Comment below with your favorite Kaiju and more!


2 thoughts on “Giant Monsters, Oh My! – Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures Announce Giant Monster Cinematic Universe, Starring Godzilla and King Kong

  1. I’d be surprised if we got King Ghidorah before Gamora and Mothra. Gotta do the versus before you can team up against the King!

    I’d also like to see Pulgasari vs Godzilla, but I’m probably the only one…

  2. It will be interesting see if Skull Island is used to set the scene for this – it starts filming in Hawaii today!!

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