Captain Marvel: Coming to a Novel Near YOU!

I was bummed earlier this week to hear that the Captain Marvel movie was pushed back (AGAIN), but thankfully NYCC has given the Carol Corps reason to rejoice! captainmarvel

New York Comic-Con–one of the most popular conventions after San Diego Comic-Con–just concluded another successful year, with loads of exciting news. In particular, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada announced that Carol Danvers may be coming to us a lot sooner in another medium.

Novelist super couple Shannon Hale and Dean Hale will pen the Young Adult novel for the halesMarvel. Although the YA genre tends to focus on teen characters, there’s no word yet where in her chronology this new Carol story will fall. Regardless, I agree with editor Sana Amanat that it’ll introduce another demographic to the awesomeness that is Captain Marvel.  The Hales are no strangers to superheroes or feminist characters, as evidenced by previous collaborations like The Princess in Black and Rapunzel’s Revenge. Shannon Hale is also responsible for Princess Academy, Austenland, and The Ever After High series.

I think we can surmise Carol’s in pretty safe hands, not that she needs anyone to protect her, of course. It’ll be great to see the new voice they bring to such a beloved feminist icon, who really deserves more attention in the ever-expanding mainstream of comic adaptions.


2 thoughts on “Captain Marvel: Coming to a Novel Near YOU!

  1. I’m not worried about the movie getting pushed back. Will give her a slightly longer time before she gets phased out like Cap America, and besides, we get to see The Wasp in action earlier for it!

    But it’s exciting to have a new comic for her!

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