All Your Secrets: Newest Promo for Marvel’s Jessica Jones

The promos are heating for Marvel’s Jessica Jones! Daily Geekette has been looking forward all year to the next MCU series, slated for a Netflix-only release. Today, the latest teaser for the show dropped. While Jessica (Krysten Ritter) puts together a wall of photographs in a P.I. office, we’re treated to a slither-y voiceover from David Tennant. I predicted Tennant’s ability to induce skin-crawling feelings back when he was announced as the villain, Purple Man, and this teaser doesn’t disappoint.


Previously titled AKA Jessica Jones,  the series will be released worldwide on November 20th. Marvel’s been building the anticipation for the past couple of weeks with several small promos. Some are simple teasers about Jessica’s character, such as when she crumples her alarm clock to bits with one hand. Others are more puzzling, such as “Evening Stroll” or “Nightcap” which feature Jessica clearly on the trail of some mystery.

Today’s teaser is the first to yield some potential answers to our many questions. We finally have a promo with actual dialogue, eerily delivered by Tennant’s Zebidiah Kilgrave. That final shot on the wall suggests a couple possibilities: 1) Kilgrave is the one that Jessica is seeking through her investigations or 2) Jessica knows there is something tying these cases together, but she hasn’t pieced together WHO is the common thread, or that he’s watching her.

Besides Tennant and Ritter, we can also look forward to Mike Colter as Luke Cage, who will also get his own spin-off. Carol Danvers was supposed to be appear as well, but she may have been scrapped. We can, however, expect a cameo from Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) from Daredevil.

What’d you folks think of the promo? Will you be tuning in to Netflix on November 20th?



2 thoughts on “All Your Secrets: Newest Promo for Marvel’s Jessica Jones

  1. Nice to hear Tennant’s slithery slippery voice in the mainstream – he read all the audios for Cressida Cowell’s How To Train A Dragon series (way before it became a movie and they turned Toothless from a cute stuttering common or garden) to a Monstrous Nightmare. The voice is reminiscent of his giant sea dragon with a touch of the evil Brendan from Secret Smile. He’s great when he’s nice and every-man but he’s brilliant when he’s evil!!!

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