Stephenie Meyer’s Big Announcement for Twilight’s 10th Anniversary

Raise your hand if you were a Twi-Hard who felt personally victimized by Midnight Sun’s lack of release due to a leak of the first hundred pages.

Now that we’ve finally gotten that out of our system, we can talk about a bit of good news. Stephenie Meyer has announced more Twilight, now with switched genders! Life and Death is bonus content for the 10th Anniversary Edition of Twilight, with Beau instead of Bella and Edythe instead of Edward.

Plenty of authors consider telling a story from the perspective of other characters (as Meyer intended to do with Midnight Sun), but when was the last time an author did a gender-swap?

This raises lots of exciting questions–how will the change affect them?  According to Meyer, Beau is “more OCD” than Bella. But what does that mean for their relationship?
In my opinion, Bella was always very manipulative of Edward’s emotions. I’m intrigued as to how that reads with a human male and female vampire. And is the point of view the same? Twilight was told from Bella’s perspective–will Life and Death stick with Beau, or will we get Edythe’s perspective as both a woman and a vampire?

TwilightI honestly cannot explain how excited I am about this and I hope a lot of other people are too! Whatever criticisms you may have about Twilight, Stephenie Meyer is part of the strides women have made in story-telling. Besides creating Bella and a four-book series from her perspective, Meyer was also heavily involved in a script contest for female writers. Now, with Life and Death, she’s actually addressing a popular criticism of Bella–that she’s too much of a “damsel-in-distress.” Meyer hopes this version will prove otherwise.

I really cannot wait to read this–are you guys as excited as I am?!


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