This Week on TV: Sept 26 – Oct 2

We’re back for our second T.V. recap of Fall 2015. In Doctor Who, The Twelfth Doctor and Davros enter a dangerous game of oneupmanship on Skaro. We’re off to Camelot in Once Upon a Time, where mysterious prophecies concerning Emma and Excalibur will leave you with more questions than answers. Castle does the opposite, answering last week’s questions with an episode from Beckett’s side of the story. The Mindy Project thrusts its leading lady into the role of mom for the first time. Finally, INHUMANS is the name of the game in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Doctor Who 9×02, “The Witch’s Familiar” (Caitlin)

Things looked pretty bleak at the end of last week’s episode. We learned Skaro had been rebuilt. The Daleks had destroyed the TARDIS and exterminated Missy and Clara. The Doctor was at Davros’ mercy.  But as is the case with Doctor Who recently, things are not what they seem. Missy had given Clara a vortex manipulator in “The Magician’s Apprentice” and we see the two alive at the beginning of “The Witch’s Familiar.” Clara spends almost the entire episode with Missy as they plot to rescue the Doctor. At one point while traveling through Skaro’s sewers, Missy gets Clara inside a Dalek shell in order to sneak back into the headquarters.

The Doctor finds a Dalek gun and steals Davros’ chair. He gloats and demands the safe return of Clara. Unfortunately, Colony Sarff covers him in snakes and knocks him out. Davros tricks the Time Lord into releasing some regeneration energy which he uses to restore himself and his Daleks. But the Doctor outsmarts Davros once again, as he manages to direct the energy into the sewers, causing the decaying Daleks to attack the city. The TARDIS hadn’t been destroyed thanks to the Hostile Action Displacement System and Clara and the Doctor manage to escape, leaving Missy behind to be captured.

Once Upon a Time 5×01, “The Dark Swan” (Brianna)

Season 5 began with a cryptic glimpse into Emma’s past, where a stranger in a movie theater told her she mustn’t pull Excalibur when the time comes. Cut to King Arthur drawing the fabled sword himself….only to realize the end of it is missing (HOLY PLOT TWIST AND WHAT A COOL EFFECT)!

Emma emerges at the Dark Vault in the emmaswan_darkEnchanted Forest, where she crosses paths with Merida. While Emma fights her dark urges (represented by a hallucination of Rumplestiltskin), her family in Storybrooke is desperate to find her. When they finally catch up to the wayward saviour, she’s moments away from crushing Merida’s heart! Hook and Henry talk her down from the brink, and the gang makes their way to Camelot with hopes of meeting The Sorcerer who can remove Emma’s darkness. MISSION FAILED: six weeks later they return to Storybrooke with no memory of what happened in Arthur’s castle. And Emma’s had one hell of a makeover. Maybe it’s Maybelline? No, it’s definitely The Dark One.

Although we have to deal with yet another time skip and memory loss, OUaT appears to be back in good form. The Excalibur/dagger twist blew my mind, and Jennifer Morrison is seriously rocking her “villain” role. But the interpersonal relationships are what I’m most looking forward to with the inevitable flashbacks to Camelot. So here’s hoping the writers don’t falter like they did last season. (*cough* Will Scarlet *cough*)

Castle 8×02, “XX” (Kayla)


Castle’s second episode did just as poorly as the first as far as viewer ratings are concerned. This episode gives audiences Kate’s perspective on her grand adventure from the first episode, through the eyes of an unexpected new character: Castle’s stepmother, Rita (Ann Cusack). Kate was contacted by a new member of the team she belonged to when she worked in D.C. because everyone else on the team is dead. While they are being pursued, they try to go on the offense, and find out why they’re being hunted. It turns out this all goes back to Beckett’s investigation into her mother’s murder. It turns out Kate can’t resist the urge to let sleeping dogs lie, and the episode ends with her leaving Richard so she can follow dangerous leads.

The Mindy Project 4×03, “Leo Castellano Is My Son” (Meg)

Mother and son matching outfits!
Mother and son matching outfits!

This week on The Mindy Project…momhood! For a show that’s always focused on Mindy’s dating life (even when she and Danny were stable, everything was about their dynamic as a couple), this marked a huge shift in the entire premise of the show. The main plot this week was Mindy’s frustration with this new life she finds herself saddled with. She clearly has a lot of affection for her son, but the show gets credit for keeping her in character and interested in the things she loved before motherhood. Danny goes overboard in terms of protecting his son from the world, forbidding Mindy to go outside with Leo at all until he’s been vaccinated and taking away all of the screens and wifi from their apartment. Mindy, of course, leaves the building anyway, locks Leo inside the apartment on accident, and Mindy and Danny learn to compromise on their lifestyles by the end of the episode. As someone who doesn’t have kids but a lot of knowledge about what life with an infant is like from years of baby-centered fanfiction, things seem a little too easy for Danny and Mindy. Like, they’re not at all sleep-deprived, their apartment is surprisingly clean, and their only real concern seems to be having loud neighbors. But, aside from that, The Mindy Project is handling the transition remarkably well and with lots of humor.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3×01, “Laws of Nature” (Meg)

Agent Daisy Johnson, reporting for duty!
Agent Daisy Johnson, reporting for duty!

Oh, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. For a show whose previous season saw a lot of change, its third season premiere showed things being, well, more or less the same as they were in the finale. In terms of the plot, things seem to be moving forward, but not so much with the characters. Skye (who’s going by Daisy now for no apparent reason), Mack, and Lance make up a field team working on protecting and recruiting any inhumans that they find. The show gets a cookie for making the first new inhuman latino and gay, but he still comes across as a somewhat bland guest-of-the-week character. Fitz’s story revolved around scouring the world for ways to find out what happened to Jemma (his brain damage and the development that came from it, unfortunately, have been completely disregarded). We did, however, get to meet the female head of a new organization working towards dealing with the rise of inhumans in the world, who shows a great deal of promise for a fresh change in the show’s status quo. My biggest problem was the lack of screentime for the show’s female characters. Yes, Skye got to kick a lot of ass (as usual), but May didn’t show up at all and Jemma only appeared in the final thirty seconds. And given that Jemma’s stuck on an alien planet, I don’t see her returning to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base any time soon (for another full episode at least).

What did you watch this week, Geekettes?


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