Get Your Spoop On: Top 5 Movies To Get You In The Fall Spirit

It is officially Fall, y’all! Time to grab those pumpkins, along with anything featuring said flavor, cozy up in your sweaters, and enjoy the colorful leaves. You know what Fall also means? Spoopy time. And if you think I’ve just misspelled Spooky, you’d be only half right–if you want to get the low down on what Spoopy means, click here. So in the spirit of the season, here are 5 movies that get me in the right Spoopy mood.

5.  Phantom of the Opera (1990)


You know what’s always Romantic Spoopy? Phantom of the Opera, and though many would think the Webber musical version would be my favorite adaptation, I actually have to say that the 1990 Robert Englund version takes that title, fair and square. It’s got the romance, some interesting time travel elements (which ultimately don’t make sense, but are still fun) and has 80’s slasher movie tropes sprinkled on top. A little gross, spooky, and ultimately camp movie perfection, Phantom of the Opera never loses its spoop cred.

4. Halloweentown (1998)


Though normally I avoid including TV Movies in my lists, Halloweentown is an exception, and a classic, in my humble 90’s opinion. Granted, it is in no way Academy Award winning entertainment, but for a Disney Channel film, it is pretty solid (compared to more recent flicks….you know, like Disney’s Descendants). The story of 13 year old Marnie and her transformation from normal teen to kick-butt witch heiress is pretty extraordinary, and with the combination of Halloween and Debbie Reynolds, you have one spoopy good time awaiting you.

3. Labyrinth (1990)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 3.21.26 PM

Maybe its the masquerade scene, or the Goblins, but something about Jim Henson’s puppet- and fairy tale-filled flick, Labyrinth, gives me all the spoopy feels I require. There’s lavish costumes, David Bowie, a dog that talks in a British accent and full on garb, David Bowie, lots of girl power…. did I mention David Bowie? Cheesy, a little creepy, and hella 80’s, Labyrinth never gets old, and has Magic Pants. ‘Nough said.

2. Panna a Netvor (1978)


If you’re looking for a bit of international, vintage spoop, I highly recommend the 70’s cult-loved Panna a Netvor, a.k.a. the Czech version of Beauty and the Beast. Featuring stunning art direction and incredibly creepy cinematography/sound design, this version of the tale as old as time is by far the weirdest, and yet the most hauntingly beautiful. You thought Disney’s Beast was scary? He ain’t got nothing on this half bird half man creature here. With its own unique spins on the tale (including actual deaths and blood, yay!), this is easily my favorite cinematic adaptation, and one you definitely should add to your Fall movie marathon ASAP.

1. Hocus Pocus (1993)


Well duh, you knew this was coming. If there was ever a Halloween/Fall themed movie that truly captures the season and is beyond hilarious, Hocus Pocus would be it. From the nostalgically classic performances of Bette Milder, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, to the “I Put A Spell On You” scene, nothing gets better than Hocus Pocus. Nope, sorry, nothing tops it. And if you’ve got something to say about it, I know three witches and a spooky book that can show you a thing or two. (And also, if you want further proof of my love for this movie, click here).

So what are your favorite Spoopy movies? Comment below with your top 5 picks, or more, if you dare. Were you a fan of any of these titles, or do you have more recent favorites? Tell us down below, and Happy Spoopy Season, everyone!


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