Book Review: The Drafter by Kim Harrison

Another awesome series by Kim Harrison! The Drafter is the first book in her new series, The Peri Reed Chronicles. I wasn’t too sure about this book at first because the idea behind the story is a little freaky. The main character, Peri, is a Drafter.  It’s a little hard to explain, but here goes: Peri can alter time if she’s threatened or on the verge of dying, which she is. Often. Peri works for Opti, a secret government agency that works to protect the innocent population from terrorists and nefarious political rulers. But are they really as beneficent as they appear?


Every time she drafts, Peri needs an anchor. Her lover, Jack, stabilizes her so that she only remembers a single timeline; she would go insane otherwise. Unfortunately, the associated memory wipes can leave her with gaps ranging from two weeks of memories to as much as three years. That leaves a person with a lot of questions, like if she’s crossed a line during her work with Opti. When Peri is contacted by an opposition group known as The Alliance, she becomes the target for both organizations and her loyalties become as convoluted as the timelines.

The one thing I truly loved about Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking series was the amount of friends Rachel Morgan had and how they always had her back. Peri, however, is pretty much alone with no one to trust. I’m pretty sure this cannot be a constant in the story line, or at least I’m really hoping Peri will find a way back to herself and secure friendships. Drafter was a thrilling action-packed story keeping a breathless pace. The Drafter just came out, so it might be a while for the sequel. But I can’t wait!

The Drafter should be at a bookstore near you, but if you’ve had a memory wipe of your own, features several purchase options, including Books-a-Million and Nicola’s Books if you want a signed copy.


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